2014 chevrolet volt premium

A set of capacitive touch switches below that take some getting used to, but match the Volt's "electric future of transportation" vibe neatly. If you worry about the possibility of having to replace the Volt's lithium-ion battery, leasing a 2014 Chevrolet Volt may be the best option for you--and Chevy has offered good monthly rates in the past. The Volt lacks some of the latest generation of electronic safety systems, however, that have filtered quickly into cars of $35,000 and above. Once the pack is depleted, the 1.4-liter four-cylinder range-extending engine switches on, to power a 54-kW generator that produces electricity. Actual dealer price will vary. My wife and I are so satisfied with the 2014 we will be getting a second one and when the lease runs out on our first 2014 we are sure to be looking at the 2017. And unlike pure battery-electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or even the Tesla Model S, the Volt can be driven all the way across the country if you want, just by filling up the gas tank for 10 minutes every 300 or so miles. An NHTSA study concluded that the circumstances surrounding the fire were extremely rare, and that the Volt was as safe as any other vehicle (GM offered a modification to early Volts that few owners took advantage of). The front seats stick with the classic Chevy "twin cockpit" approach, which works well with the large center display screen. See your local dealer for details and actual available terms and conditions. Blame it on bad marketing, a brand-new powertrain concept, and a fair amount of bad reporting, but most car buyers simply don't "get" the Volt--or why its owners would be so astoundingly passionate about it. Its speed is electronically limited to 100 mph. The Volt comes standard with a few features that are optional on conventional cars its size, but the equipment differences are less pronounced now than they were back in 2011 when the car was launched. Electric motors produce maximum torque from a stop through much of their range, so the Volt will startle many other cars from a standing stop. The IIHS awarded the Volt its highest rating of Good on its four traditional tests, and Acceptable on its newest small-overlap front crash test. Once the range extender kicks on, even the highest power demands are buffered through the battery pack, so the engine only rarely rises to a howl when asked to provide sustained high power at the top of its rev range under the heaviest loads. Chevy added forward collision warning and lane-departure warning last year, but radar-based adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring are not offered on the Volt at any price. I get my best millage at 42 mph but still keep great millage at 65 mph. Great commute car. The Volt's powertrain setup is known either as a range-extended electric or a "series hybrid," though in the Volt's case there's an asterisk: Under some high-speed conditions, the engine can be clutched directly into the transmission to provide torque to assist the electric motor. I used to drive a caddy and this car drives every bit as nice as it does, even better on the highway.

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