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Putting it All Together: So I think I'm so close to finish although I know there are small details I still need to work, but I really want to show you the final product I have at this moment. There are millions of combinations you can play with with this method. I'm treating these shapes because I just wanted because the house is are sharp shape so I want the character to be as round as possible. If not, please do and tag it with Adobe Fresco. Digital illustration is also the real material that you can use. So you just put your finger on top of it. Let's choose a yellow. For example, let's pick a regular brush. It's really important to range the sequence of the layer and then get used to them. When you want to get the older version back, it's just one step, just get rid of the mask layer or if you want to change the texture, it's really easy to do adjustment on the mask layer. Then click Cancel lasso, deselect, and then that's it. I want to have like a not perfect kind of block so that it's vivid. So let's see how we can do that. So I'm going to pour some tea for myself so that I can get into this mood immediately and I think about the studio dream. On a new layer, use selection Tool to define areas where you want to fill color. Then after you pick out this color, you go into the middle square. So that whatever you select, they connect to each other and then become a new same zone. Adobe Fresco has the power of the Photoshop painting engine. You can export your artwork to Dropbox or any other cloud storage using the Publish & Export option or the Quick Export option in the upper-right corner of your Adobe Fresco workspace. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Only the transparency matter. That means you have a mask layer, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you something really awesome underneath it. So basically, it's a faster tool for you to repeat what you've already done and then not choosing colors again. Formerly known as Project Gemini, Fresco offers multiple drawing options. As you see, we're on the layer of the mask but if I choose, transform, and then move it, the whole blue layer will move like this. You click and then you see Layer Properties, and then you see you now blend mode as normal. Of course, the most striking is Adobe Sensei, artificial intelligence that gives the application a greater realism when used. Adobe Fresco is available on Windows and iOS. Like, you want this red, you want a little bit purplish-red or orangish-red, you see it immediately. 9. Then click Transform, you simply make it smaller. Then also you can play with the settings of this specific brush so that you can change the shape scattering transfer. Just release it, its brush again and then hold it. I want 50 percent or 40 percent doesn't matter, and then let's just do it. I think this practice is the first step. The fifth one moving when you click on it, it become like this. In the past, I’d always done a lot of random sketching on odd scraps of paper that would get scattered about and lost. It can be totally your style. Then the corner one to arrow one is actually the full screen button. It's actually transformed. Thank you for doing this series! Thank you, Sue. Have a little bit blush, I like to draw blush, they may people look happy, happy little brush. So now this is the pink. For a complete list of Q&A on livestreaming, read this Behance article. I'm just going to draw a tiny studio because first of all is easier for me to finish it in front of you, and the second is I personally want one. I find it easier to have everything saved in PNG format so that it is readable by the majority of art apps (not all of them like to read in multi-page PDF files), but your file storage method is up to you. I’m thinking of making this design in a solid, but since the garment modeled photo is in a print, I think this could be a great way for me to test out this idea. You can either put it into the cloud, or just try to put it in your iPad already, and then you can import from there to your Fresco. Peaceful, inner peace. So now we have it, and that way we can separate the line work and then the background canvas, the white paper so that if you need to change something or delete something, it will be easier for you. Excited by the opportunities this gives me. Click the Password and security tab, and then change your password. I'm done with this," then you just select deselect. Try your own body model preview for free. Let's go to that table, I wonder if yellow, orangeish table so I'm going to use the same red on the lighter skin tonk layer and then just give it a go. So basically, I think this almost there. These details will be what, according to Adobe, will make the difference compared to other drawing tools and experiences. It’s all contained in one handy app, which also means there is zero waste and zero cleanup time! Anywhere I go, I can express my feelings through art. Just like you're drawing on a paper with ballpen that you cannot erase. For this tutorial, I will be using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, though you can use any tablet and stylus combo that you have access to. We can’t wait to see your work! Adobe Fresco is a free app, but if you already pay for the more advanced Adobe ecosystem, it will sync with your paid account. So that means I only get to use three to five colors per illustration so that it's easier for them to print it out or for me to make the real print. The first method I want to introduce you is the mask. So I'm going to try to find several good brushes at this moment, and then try to create a very vivid scrum printing texture and show you guys. Doctor T works in education creating digital classroom spaces, but tries to find the time to put  into her hobbies of sewing, blogging, lightspeed saber fencing, and judging competitive roller skating. I want to have this rough feeling. You can find her on Instagram @doctortdesigns or on her blog. A lot of people ask me, how do I find my own style? How do I know I picked the right color? Because the shape is so secured and safe, I don't want to do a full background for this illustration, so I want to break the shape a little bit more by bringing more environment around it. So here has a 20. So let's go back to the red, and then 100 percent go back to the red layer, and I just give it like this. After taking this class, you’ll never be far from your favorite brushes, settings and textures, empowering you to create art you love, wherever you happen to be. Because it's a dream studio illustration, she has to be there, soulmate. Doesn't it seem like an odd oversight to not offer the thing that people do ALL the time in an app like this? Squarespace Review 2020 — Is It Really The Best? We are on the mask layer and then if you use your finger to swipe to the right, and then the blue layer is actually there. It's blurry because you zoom in and then the little square is pixels, and then let's moved to the vector brush, see?

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