arthur's perfect christmas transcript

Pal joins them. Love, Gwen Hines. These are terrific, son! You handed over! George: My grandparents sent me some lutefisk. D.W.: Don't even think about touching that dial! Arthur: (holding out the bird) This is what's wrong. And Rory! Don't worry, sir. Have you heard the news? 'I'd rather Mom thinks I'm a dufus He dumps the contents of his bag on the bed. I didn't think anybody would be able to fix my truck on Christmas Day (looks at Arthur) but I guess miracles do happen. I think it's time we got started on those presents. 47785... ...BXK.... Arthur: Good idea. D.W.: He was running a little late, probably because you wrote my first wish list all wrong. Watch. Arthur is the perfect eight-year-old boy! Muffy: (gasps) How rude! Scene change to show Mr. Ratburn biting into a piece of the pie. At the end of the song, the word "baby" is cut from Buster's lyrics in newer versions of the special. You'd better come inside before you catch "pewmonia.". That wasn't so funny. Arthur: (joining her) Hi, Francine. (He spots something in a window display.) Powers: She’s nominated for best new flavor: cucumber crunch. Mr. Ratburn: I believe you have to shell the pecans, Binky. Two cheeseburgers and pie Muffy: (without the drumbeat) My party! Me own son... ...who used to sit where you sat, looking up at me. Hug me. If you help us, Steve... ...we can do it! Mr. Read: (flipping through the book) And chocolate-covered dates! Or I can make extra Santa's for everyone. Transcripts for episodes. 'The crowd is going wild - (The view shows the outside of the Read house.) Let's get you two down to the garage. My family celebrates Kwanzaa. Arthur stands in front of the Baxters’ condominium on his bike. It symbolises freedom, unity I don't believe it! Time for presents, time for pancakes. It's snowing! Christmas wasn't such a big deal. And Mahatma Gandhi, showing no resistance, passive or otherwise, to this adoring crowd. Does that make me a bad Santa? It's just... Bitzi: Oh. (He gets up and walks over as she puts one on a plate.) Mrs. Read is opening the present. We're not friends anymore. Santa Claus is coming to town, # Hang the stockings by the chimney to watch us go... #, # Stop whatever you're doing There's still the whole day ahead of us. The present flops over onto the hard floor. "My dearest Santa..." (Arthur makes as if to write.) Buster stabs at his profiterole again with the spoon and it lands in the waiter's hair. Tina, Tina, tiny Tina. Bambi? George: And in Sweden, they have a parade early in the morning on December 13, where people follow the Queen of Lights, who wears a crown of candles. I have about nine seconds left before l black out. See, I take the North Star there... a fixed point. (The balloon is held aloft a float bearing Arthur himself. That's the toy I really want. Mrs. Read: He did say he'd be down in just a minute. Arthur briefly looks blissful at relief from the "Tina" ad, then gasps. At Christmas, my parents and I work He's lying awake, worrying his beard off about Gwen. However, he's forgetting some things in every recipe, like not removing the shells of the pecans when he makes pecan pie, unpeeling the bananas when he makes banana bread, and adding sugar when he makes brownies. Pancakes are on the table The mechanic When Arthur lets him go, he jumps back into Brain’s arms. I'm part of something special.'. but it's crawling on your face! I just called the garage. She giggles and D.W. sways with the song, but Arthur is not pleased. Policy; Manual of Style; Administrators. Pal yips and leaps to the side as Rory slides up on a rug, causing both Arthur and the present to go flying. I had to be polite. She looks back in the bathroom, where Uncle Fred is shaving, dressed in all-red pajama suit and red-and-white socks. (chuckles). Mr. Read: We're going to have a really authentic Christmas dinner. Picking this up... ...people. Oof! Woman: You're gonna love my kugel, bubala. '# Oh, Tina, Tina, tiny Tina (walks over to her) Ah, this isn't gonna be easy. Are you Saint Nicholas? Attacked me on the ice. (She unwraps it. Quackers: Quack, quack, quack, quack-a-doodle-doo. I guess I will bring my tutor Yes, it's Muffy, the "Princess of Christmas" again. Arthur: I had to go to Buster's for something. (shows it to Mr. Read) It's the tea set that Fred broke last Christmas. Thanks, but I'm not hungry. Good night, D.W.: I think Santa's a little hard of hearing. I wish he could live here all the time. Brain: Not for me. So, on Christmas morning, D.W. gets a toy duck called Quackers and throws a big temper tantrum. Christmas is tomorrow Now on sale for only $5.99! Maybe I'll finish it It's to, um, the President of the United States. You there, with the... ...white ear. He chews, then spits it out. Mom, could you turn on the radio? Arthur: No, it would look terrible. The holiday is in December probably because that's when the Romans celebrated winter solstice and most likely they adopted that tradition from the Babylonians. Mr. Read: (noticing Arthur) Arthur, look who's here. I might even let her be queen It's... a duck? 'She cooks pancakes Contents. Christmas has become... ...such a mad rush. No! It's time Hi, Sis! Uncle Fred: (walking in) Hey, good news! Uncle Fred: Is this thing on? Polar bear, dear. Steve and Dad racked their brains but said it's impossible. Arthur! and that party was important to me. Uncle Fred is going on a trip to Florida, but his car just so happens to break down in Elwood City on the way there. on my watch. Your brother... ...knows about these things. Oh, what am I saying? Bitzi: (crumples her list) Check, please! Uncle Fred: (pouring himself milk into his tea) We're just lucky the truck went kerploeey right near your driveway. I should've had the ice cream. doesn't have Cybercod's kung fu fin. Tommy: Hey, look, Timmy, D.W.'s mailing a letter to Santa! Scene-change to the Read family TV, which shows static, then Uncle Fred tapping on the screen. Quackers: Quick, quack, quaddy-quack, squeeze my belly, squeeze my back / Quooky, quacky, quicky quo... Arthur: (pulling the earflaps on his hat) Oh, no. You-- This is the smallest piece of broccoli I've ever seen. Brain throws his and it keeps circling over them while Arthur tries in vain to make his fly. It'll be like having two Arthurs. It's not like they're facing man-eating lions. Arthur: Thanks, Uncle Fred. Just.... Till your brother came with... ...his "You can't cut through Saigon, there's a war" rubbish. He notices that D.W. is Brain and Arthur cycle through the park. (Yeah, it's way past that point.). Mrs. Read: Arthur, guess what. and out pops the pit! And may 100 percent of your Christmases be white. describing your holidays. Arthur: (waving) Morning, Uncle Fred. Our tree will shine so brightly Does your sack have to get bigger every year... ...because of exponential population growth? You could celebrate... Baxter Day. We don't wanna be late for church. A dog-guy takes one and enjoys it. And this one's gonna be the best one ever. My S-1 festivized the world at 1860 times the speed of sound. I broke last summer. -We've got tickets for the Penguins I'll walk home, I'll get a boat, but I am never getting back... that crazy flying death trap ever again! But you know, Christmas is about more than just presents. Powers: Hello, Alan! You know - the rock band. I just want it to be perfect for every kid. He has a speckled belly and he doesn't have CyberCod's kung-fu feet. Maybe Christmas could be a day where we just... relax. to the giant candy cane? But with my History Of Cooking book ARTHUR Full Episodes Arthurs Perfect Christmas 14 - YouTube Hey, fancy... ...a trip on the S-1 , Arthur? And he can get around the world to every child... ...without a single reindeer being roasted ali--. D.W. starts swaying along, Kate looks happy. Can't... wait... much... longer. Dinner! Arthur: Whoa! D.W.: I'm telling you, it was Santa in the bathroom. Yeah, I'm pretty much scared of everything. Arthur grins. Muffy: (over the phone) Where are you?! Powers: We're off to the Ice-Creamers' Convention. Any volunteers? D.W. approaches, holding a paper. Mmm... Arthur: There's none left. (She gets up, pulls out her cell-phone, extends the antenna, then stops and sighs.) (All cheer.) It's Muffy and her parents. -Gold and silver Nothing is more of an eyesore unless you ask her. One more day until my big party! Arthur: We'll have all weekend to do great things, like build a time machine. - it was a good Christmas after all. #. But you just didn't listen! Brain: Ta-dah. Up in the morning, breakfast in bed He sits it on Sue Ellen and Brain's desk. The pumpkin is a new world vegetable. (hands him the paper and a pencil) You have to write my wish list to Santa. no resistance to this adoring crowd. Barcuh ata Ado-noi Elo-heinu melech ha-olam (She looks in.). breaking my bird once, but twice?! Flashback: The Reads and Brain are having French fries. (She applies some powder to her face, then looks at it in the kit's mirror.) Mrs. Read: Why can't you chew your food like Alan? D.W.: (now in her parents' room) Mommy, Daddy, Christmas is here! Instead, he dashes into the living room. (Rory licks the camera. Brain: Wouldn’t your folks be mad? Mr. Read: I love this new olive depitter, Arthur. a fade effect is missing in the home video release. They used to say it was impossible to teach women to read.

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