back to the future 3 delorean destroyed

Edit, Doc indicates in his letter that the lightning strike shorted out the flying circuits, hence the box on the hood with the components to replace them.

Then he simply could have returned to some point after Marty left 1885 to give himself the required parts.However, the most likely way that he managed to turn a locomotive into a time machine is to use the DeLorean that he had first arrived in.

A time traveller outside of his own timeline doesn't get instant new information to make up his memories according to the new timeline. It is quite possible that Doc lived long enough to acquire the time train's parts once the means to manufacture them has become available in the 20th century. When asked by Marty as to why he chose a DeLorean, Doc explains that if he was to build a time machine, he needed to “do it with style.” Moreover, he also mentions that the DeLorean’s stainless steel construction facilitates temporal displacement, hence making time travel in the Back To The Future movies possible.

One example of this is Jennifer's resemblance to a young Lorraine. Also, even if Doc told Marty about the Rolls-Royce, that does not guarantee that Marty's future would improve given that the accident stems from his inability to walk away from a confrontation. Suddenly, the third "presto log" goes off, pushing up the speed of the train but also causing both Clara and the Doc to almost tumble off the side.

Edit, This could be deduced simply by looking at maps from the period. The situation with the drag race was a fate that Marty himself had to take full responsibility for. If they've changed the future so Marty doesn't get fired in 2015, there would be no need for the "You're Fired" fax to be printed, so shouldn't the piece of paper have just disappeared out of Jennifer's hands altogether?

The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

How did Clara erect the tombstone if she fell into the ravine? That tombstone would not exist in 1955 until the very second Doc gets sent to 1885, which is why it was not seen before. As long as he does this before 1955, the DeLorean is ready for Marty to find.

In Back to the Future Part III, Marty and Doc spend November 13th finding and fixing up the DeLorean. For example, early in the film, Marty took a photograph of Doc's tombstone as it appeared in Doc's original 1885 storyline. Doc: "No, already been there." Perhaps, the best one can assume is that thinking of such precautions somehow just passed by 1955 Doc's mind. This was additionally the originally reason why Buford gets arrested in the film, but the charges by the deputy had to be altered when the scene was deleted. It states that he has two children, both girls (Roberta, 23, and Amy, 20). Doc replies, "Nope...already been there!" Assuming Doc would troubleshoot the technology in his workshop and then choose the very newest engine model of the day to create the finished time machine, this timeline holds plausibility.A factor overlooked is the major difference in the technology levels between 1955, when the flux capacitator was devised, and 1985 when it was successfully built. Edit, Doc had obviously found another way to make the train work ("It runs on steam! Why isn't Doc concerned about altering the futures of the train passengers by stealing the train itself? She hires a buckboard and heads into town. Also, when Marty asks if Doc was going to the future with the train, Doc says "Already been there!" "You were here yesterday, Marty. Why does Marty take the hoverboard to 1885? In Back to the Future Part III, Marty and Doc spend November 13th finding and fixing up the DeLorean. Doc and Clara had a short conversation in the movie where they discuss their favorite authors and the possibility of someday traveling to the moon, which leads to this being a possibility.

He would need to go far enough to at least be able to obtain all the parts necessary to build a new flux capacitor and replace all the other parts he had taken. This is consistent throughout the trilogy.

In this timeline, Clara turns up at the station.

Edit, Given that Mr. Strickland would have then been at least 100 years old in the first film, this is highly unlikely. The time machine had been made in the 1980s, and many of its parts would probably not be available in 1955, resulting in the time machine being unable to bring Marty back to 1885. This also explains why it has the hover wheels like the DeLorean. Then they go back to the alternate 1985 for just a few hours. No, cars don't get destroyed like that. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. This time Marty turns up, and Doc forgets about meeting her while they look at the railroad trestle site. He could also have used parts from the hoverboard to help him.

Edit, The main thing to keep in mind is the fact there are 3 timelines to remember here. He could have then used these parts to convert a locomotive into a time machine and traveled into the future. Doc introduces Marty and Jennifer to the family Clara and their sons Jules (Todd Cameron Brown) and Verne (Dannel Evans). Or send another Western Union to 1955, with instructions for Marty to bring a spare full hose, and a 5gal jug of gas with him, when he travels back to 1885? Edit, According to the official website. Then on November 14th, Marty travels back to September 2nd, 1885. How would Doc know that the space around the 1955 drive-in was "all wide open space" in 1885?

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