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Any symptoms that are felt after drinking beer must be consulted immediately to the physician to be addressed immediately and avoid the development of complications Figure 1. 2020 Jun 18;9(6):1901. doi: 10.3390/jcm9061901. 2020;27(1):39-44. doi: 10.6001/actamedica.v27i1.4265. 2015;19:74–76. This condition is the correct medical reference for low levels of sodium in the blood. Mineralocorticoid deficiency (Addison’s disease). Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: endobj hypertonic with a high concentration of solutes (>295 mOsm/L). Figure 2. Factors that contribute … Creative Commons and free image use. Patients also may experience cardiac rhythm changes related to hypokalemia. Alcohol withdrawal seizures; Delerium tremens; Electrolyte/acid-base disorder Alcoholic ketoacidosis; Beer potomania syndrome; Beriberi; Thiamine deficiency ; Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome; Evaluation Work-Up. Acta Med Litu. It originates from the Latin pot = drink and mania = unreasonable enthusiasm [6,12]. The medical condition known as “beer potomania” refers to a low serum sodium level associated with drinking a large amount of beer. doi: 10.7759/cureus.10665. A rare case of low-solute hyponatremia in a nonalcoholic person. Ethanol toxicity; Alcohol use disorder; Alcohol withdrawal. Get the latest research from NIH: HHS Harrow AS, 1989, Beer potomania syndrome in an alcoholic, Unterseher K, 2014, Hyponatremia: Beer Potomania, Sanghvi SR et al, 2007, Beer Potomania: An Unusual Cause of Hyponatremia at High Risk of Complications From Rapid Correction, McGraw M, 2012, Beer potomania: Drink in this atypical cause of hyponatremia. PMID: 2763635 Abstract To summarize, patients with the "beer potomania" syndrome are characterized by 1) a history of chronic alcohol ingestion (in a hypotonic form); 2) protein malnutrition; 3) signs, symptoms and laboratory values consistent with water intoxication, including hyponatraemia, hypochloraemia and, … This is a type of polydipsia, exceeding the kidney’s ability to dilute urine and the subsequent loss of electrolytes, combined with suppression of intake of food or other solutes. A history of binge beer drinking 2. �&B��O�����s. Nursing care includes obtaining an accurate history to help to determine causation, anticipating judicious sodium correction, and closely monitoring the patient for changes in sensorium, neurologic status, and fluid and electrolyte balance. Point B, shows serum sodium level of 119 mmol/L at 16 hours after admission, 0.9% sodium chloride was discontinued. The treatment goal is to correct serum sodium levels by 1 to 2 mEq/L in the first 2 to 3 hours with a 24-hour goal of 10 mEq/L or less and a 48-hour goal of under 18 mEq/L. Potomania induced by beer is sometimes referred to as beer drinker’s hyponatremia. Potomania is a specific hypo-osmolality syndrome related to massive consumption of beer, which is poor in solutes and electrolytes. The symptoms of potomania are similar to other causes of hyponatremia and include dizziness, muscular weakness, neurol… 2014 Dec 24;5(1):49-53. doi: 10.1159/000370236. The underlying pathophysiology of beer potomania puts patients at high risk of ODS 3. Inappropriate concentration of the urine during ingestion of beer. Beer potomania is a potentially life-threatening condition in which drinking massive amounts of beer in combination with eating no or little food results in a drop in blood sodium levels and osmolality [1,2]., 12 Things Every Experienced Nail Artist Would Tell You About – Healthick. -, Beer potomania: an unusual cause of hyponatremia at high risk of complications from rapid correction. The synonym for beer potomania is beer drinker’s hyponatremia. -, Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome and inappropriate antidiuretic hormone syndrome after subarachnoid hemorrhaging. When you drink only beer, which is low in sodium (~40 mg/L) [7,10] and protein, and eating no or only a little food and therefore consume only, for example, 250 mOsm solutes per day, your kidneys will be able to excrete only about 5 liters of water per day [3,11]. Osmolality refers to the concentration of osmotically active solutes, which contributes to the movement of water among the fluid compartments in the body. 4 0 obj Point C, shows serum sodium level of 127 mmol/L at 24 hours since admission. Serum sodium level (mmol/L) versus…. Patients with beer potomania being treated for hyponatremia should be closely monitored for sensory and neurologic status changes and fluid and electrolyte imbalances. A specific “hypo-osmolality syndrome”. endobj Any symptoms that are felt after drinking beer must be consulted immediately to the physician to be addressed immediately and avoid the development of complications [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. 2018 Jul 22;10(7):e3024. Decreased serum sodium levels 4. Nakajima H, Okada H, Hirose K, et al. The term potomania means craving for alcohol. Beer potomania, a unique syndrome of hyponatremia, was first reported in 1972. Treatment may include [2,8]: Your email address will not be published. Beer potomania is a potentially life-threatening condition in which drinking massive amounts of beer in combination with eating no or little food results in a drop in blood sodium levels and osmolality [1,2]. 6 Concussion Symptoms About Which You Should Know, Understanding what heart palpitations are telling you, Understanding Hypertension and Its Causes, When the Burden Gets Too Heavy: This Is How You Recognize Your Child Is Under Too Much Stress, Explaining the differences between conventional, functional and integrative medicine, History of DNA: Everything You Need to Know, Ecthyma Gangrenosum VS Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Management Protocol Of MRSA Positive Patients, Why Schedules Are Important to Managing Chronic Disease. stream An excessive intake of beer without intake of solutes can cause hyponatremia because beer does not contain electrolytes but does contain excessive carbohydrates. Technology Meets Health: 7 Core Benefits of Telehealth, Virginia Beach Chiropractor Offers Free Consultation Coupon on Website, How To Use Synthetic Urine For A Drug Test, Ease Your Pain With Regenerative Medicine, How to Minimize the Risk of an Injury During a Car…,, There will be more than 13,000 medical apps in 2012 in Apple Appstore. Other abnormal laboratory findings which may be found in these patients are hypokalemia or low serum potassium level, low blood urea nitrogen level and low urine sodium level. Beer potomania syndrome in an alcoholic Va Med. Beer potomania diagnosis is based on laboratory values and patient history, while ruling out other etiologies. 2017;56:677–680. Figure 1. Srisung W, Mankongpaisarnrung C, Anaele C, Dumrongmongcolgul N, Ahmed V. Case Rep Nephrol Dial. The consumption of a large volume of beer, usually in conjunction with history of poor dietary intake and significant beer drinking, contributes to the pathophysiology of beer potomania. Beer potomania is a diagnosis of important consideration on initial evaluation of a patient presenting with hyponatremia. Other treatment that will be given to the patient will depend on the signs and symptoms that have manifested [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. Beer potomania can be prevented by avoiding the consumption of large amounts of beer. Beer Potomania= euvolemic hyponatremia + low solute intake + excessive alcohol intake 2. As beer is absorbed, the osmoreceptors sense the increase in hypotonic fluids, interpret this as a drop in serum … [-�8Ub�z α�k:e�T��(Y�b���BO�m�dj2˶eΊk����4 ����Xe�5P�ߍfxf�j�_��)ȓ0U+��s����S�>�9tv������1ȩ�HSPJ=�|�-�m�\�ɲ����b���b���l�� =��|�"��S��):�}C��S�V'���g]D�Df�"_m�#*���ߠw��`�M�7�_�%to�ju���ϋ�-γыF�5B�_3 {-f������� Point H, shows serum sodium level of 133 mmol/L at 112 hours. Required fields are marked *. Point E, shows serum sodium level of 126 mmol/L at 64 hours. He completed his residency from Michigan State University in 2015. If the patient is asymptomatic or has minimal symptoms, fluid restriction and close monitoring is recommended, regardless of the degree of hyponatremia.

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