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The girls of the school once signed a petition agreeing not to go to the dance with him. In the second season of the show, Thatch's father wishes Thatch good luck to win the Grimly Award over a phone conversation with Thatch. Mosshead treats Casper slightly better than his friends ever since "Messy Business at the Manor", where Casper invited Mosshead over to his house for vacation when he had nowhere else to go although Casper soon regreted his decision due to Mosshead's poor manners but when Mosshead intended to tell their classmates about Casper's friendship with Jimmy, Casper snapped and told him off for being "a jerk". Thatch can sing, dance, and play the guitar. Thatch hugs Casper and calls him "buddy". Casper sometimes has low self-esteem as seen in "Slugby". His nails are painted black. Matthew Underwood (film) (Though he sometimes appears unaware of it.). Thatch bullies Triclops to the point where she entrapped him in his rubber duck to get back at him using her magical rings. In season 2, Casper refers to humans as "fleshies" more often. Casper is a small, white ghost with a round head that is almost as big as his body and a somewhat pudgy body. In some languages his name is different: in French his name is Scratch and in Romanian his name is Scorțosul. Casper is usually Thatch's main target for bullying due to the ghost's friendly attitude. He is slightly taller than Casperand the others. This perfume is supposed to turn the one who wears it into the loveliest person in the world... but actually it just makes OTHERS think you're great! Despite being on bad terms with both Alder and Dash, Casper acts civil towards them since they are his school's headmasters. His voice sounds like Odd from Code Lyoko. He's also shown interest, He kissed a toad in one episode, and the sea monster in another. He has fangs and wears a classic vampiric cape. They have been known to ditch him when he is in trouble, particularly in "Bully for You," in which they inform him that it's "nothing personal," but his run is over, and that's just how it is. ("Triclops, Mistress of Darkness") She also "plays" with her new powers by tormenting him with cacti, trash cans, etc. Unlike most vampires, all of his teeth are very sharp. A fan gave him the surname "Manora" in a fanfiction, which was adopted by several fans. His nails are painted black. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But in Thatch My Idol, Bully For You, and Opposite Day, he is shown to be a bit friendlier to Casper at times. Casper strongly dislikes the Normans due to them constantly bullying Jimmy. This theory is also supported by the fact that Thatch appears to have been born a vampire, and was never turned into an undead thrall by another. Casper has really had enough of seeing Thatch bully his friends so he sprays him with a perfume he found in his uncles' magic ointment box. Casper with his best friends Mantha and Ra. Although he can get scared easily, Casper is also very brave, being possibly one of the very few living beings that isn't afraid of Kibosh. The ends of his cape and the shape of his hair are reminiscent of bat wings. According to Kibosh, Casper has great penmanship. They often threaten him in order to manipulate him into doing things for them, such as throwing the Slugby match to make them look good, or winning the Grimly Award to preserve the image of the school. Casper's attachment to both the "fleshy" and creature worlds, while not quite belonging to either, often leads to problems at Scare School and he continuously faces the oppressions of Thatch, a vampire bully and the Headmasters, Alder and Dash, but he always finds the courage to face any obstacles heads on. Casper knows he is supposed to be scary, not friendly but he doesn't understand why people and creatures just can't get along. Casper has really had enough of seeing Thatch bully his friends so he sprays him with a perfume he found in his uncles' magic ointment box. Kibosh admires Casper's bravery and is partial to him since he sees himself in Casper and confided in him that he used to be friendly before being the leader of the Underworld. In the movie, he wears the same dress shirt, except it is slightly off-white. He wears the same belt with a plain … His face is slightly different, as he has purple glowing irises, bloodshot eyes, paler blueish skin and has his lips are slightly darker. It is unknown if this is because she liked or disliked him more than the other girls at the time. (As Mantha refused to do so.). He is slightly taller than Casper and the others. In the film, he is portrayed by Matthew Underwood, Carter Jackson in the first season of the TV series and Matthew Geczy … As the series goes on, Casper acts a lot more aggressive towards Thatch, to the point where he placed a curse on Thatch for embarrassing him ("Davey Jones' Locker") and almost gets him expelled from school ("I'm Not A Hero").

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