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While complete systems from Dennis are on hiatus, you can build your own copy of this incredible monitor right now. Some component upgrades are listed above in the drop-down when ordering. Dennis Murphy Senior Director of Investment | Benchmark Senior Living.

I'm looking for someone to build a pair of speakers based upon the CAOW 1 design by Dennis Murphy. The BMR midrange and RAAL tweeter provide exceptional lateral dispersion and an expansive sound stage. ** Standard finishes include curly maple, curly cherry, curly walnut, oak and straight mahogany.

For more information visit Previous Next. Just let us know your preferences and we can quote accordingly. Both speakers come in elegant furniture-grade stained walnut cabinets with magnetic grills. So, i bought new boxes and upgraded crossover parts. Would not need other speakers - ever. The RAAL ribbon tweeter and BMR midrange are unchanged. The satori monitors Dennis Murphy made for me are, to this day, my absolute favorite speaker even compared to my LX minis. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. what in the world is going on with sub..... Study: "The Real Divide in America Is Between Political Junkies and Everyone Else", Home Theater project HW recommendations($40k).

The Philharmonic Audio, BMR Philharmonitor by Dennis Murphy If you have been looking for a loudspeaker that plays orchestral music very well, you might look to a designer who plays violin in the Washington DC Philharmonic Orchestra. If you don't wish to build your own cabinets from scratch, Leland Crooks at Speaker Hardware will provide Baltic Birch flat packs for $149 - $169 a side depending on the quality of the birch veneer. So, for example, you can have deep rose-red curly cherry or electric blue curly maple. A finished version in a wide variety of veneers and finishes is available through Salk Sound for $2,395/pr - $2,595/pr, depending on finish. The Mini is pictured below in the piano-gloss walnut veneer that is also used for the BMR monitor. It just sticks out there and disperses sound very widely. The result is smooth, peak-free response with great off-axis performance. They are an MTM kit I bought from Meniscus that use the old favorite VIFA P17 / D27 combo.
The RAAL 64-10 tweeter uses a narrow ribbon element for great off-axis response and highly detailed and transparent top end.

Meniscus will also assemble and wire the crossovers for $105/pr. Thanks very much for starting this thread Kurt, particularly since my regular Philharmonic thread below doesn't appear to be working anymore. Designed by Dennis Murphy (Philharmonic Audio), the BMR's have gained a reputation for providing a level of performance previously available only in a premium tower speaker, but at … Plus, bracing them was a pain. Now i will have two pairs, one pair Murphy blasted. Although the towers will sound best on short stands of some kind, they can be placed on the floor if need be, and will cost a good bit less than the monitors + stands with that placement. Although I personally prefer the tower, that will be a matter of taste and program material. I was never really satisfied with the power handling of those speakers--the midrange unit on the towers and the very similar bass unit on the monitors could run out of travel if pushed. I blame Dennis and his knowledge for setting me off on this journey of speaker modifying! Both speakers come in elegant furniture-grade stained walnut cabinets with magnetic grills. Although the modded T652 is actually a very clean-sounding speaker, its only advantage is greater sensitivity, and I just couldn't bring myself to send out those cheesey cabinets.

This means you can experience the power of a pipe organ or bass drum without the expense of a tower speaker or the complexity of a subwoofer.

Wood veneers can also be dyed. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Great for Gift Registry. The woofer chosen is the 7″,  Scan Speak 18W/8545. – even if we don’t normally stock them. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Now he is a network security monitoring (NSM) professional and uses this technology to help control system engineers and IT security professionals understand the impacts they have on the security of control system networks. The new Mini uses a five-inch version of the BMR's ceramic woofer and a premium Aurum Cantus The result is greatly reduced breakup and extremely broad dispersion above 2,000 Hz. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. This brings out the rich detail of the overtone structure of instruments and is like a crystal-clear window into the sound. I will continue to offer the old Affordable Accuracy MTM center channel--it's a good match sonically and visually.

For DIY enthusiasts and those of you wishing BMR custom cabinets in a wide variety of veneers and finishes, we are also continuing the options detailed below.
War audio sells similiar kits to Zalytron but at about 50% extra due to customs and shipping charges.

Dennis Murphy developed these monitors based around the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers. These speakers are awesome. The new monitor goes lower than either, and has more power handling than the Pioneer.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Most of his experience with SCADA systems was in the integration of data between the IT and OT networks. I will have to increase the price to $120, however.

The silk dome on the monitor has absolutely no horn loading from the baffle. The BMR midrange is a flat-diaphragm driver that features greatly reduced breakup and extremely broad dispersion above 2,000 Hz. Empty cart. This thread is a continuation (and to some extent repeat of) the linked thread below: I volunteered to review the new speakers, but one thing I have learned is that the human ear (mine, at least) is incredibly sensitive for relative (or comparative) measurement, but not so good at absolute measurement. You can also build your own BMR's at lower cost by purchasing a kit version from Meniscus Audio.

The bass response extends to 34 Hz in a bass-reflex cabinet thanks to the optimization done by Paul Kittinger – an expert in mass-loaded transmission line design. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

The soundstage is incredibly large and well balanced and the reflections in the room help to extend the soundstage to a size I’ve yet to hear from another speaker to date. The tower is much more sensitive than the monitor due to the MMT configuration. It was a new experience for me to hear these kind of details. Although the BMR can function acceptably in this fashion, its true strength is upper midrange performance. The BMR is priced at $1,700/pair plus shipping. Re: Dennis Murphy speakers Sometimes I am tempted to buy one of Dennis' or Jim Salk's designs, maybe the Archos by Jeff Bagby, and sell the table saw. The new speakers have much more output capability and will be more at home in, say, a HT installation.

The mid-range is an innovative Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR). © 2020 - The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support access and choice for America’s seniors by providing data, analytics, and connections that bring together investors and providers. Bio Coming Soon!

Because the name of the new speakers was not known when that thread started, It is a good write up - however, I have not heard them - I would like to hear. The Mini is $900/pair plus shipping. The BMR cabinet is rectangular, while the mini cabinet is curved, as shown. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

Designed by Dennis Murphy (Philharmonic Audio), the BMR's have gained a reputation for providing a level of performance previously available only in a premium tower speaker, but at substantially lower price.

For what its worth, other speakers designed by Dennis Murphy seem to have rather conservative sensitivity ratings. I currently use LAud and Praxis as my measurement software, and LSPcad for design work. Although I enjoyed building all of those original Affordable Accuracy monitors and towers, the price increase was a blessing in disguise. For example, the SongTower is said to have 88 dB/2.83 volt sensitivity. Due to the popularity of these speakers abroad, we have been able to arrange extra production for domestic customers.

Eventually, the response becomes chaotic as severe breakup modes develop from the applied mass of the voice coil interacting with the driver mass, which greatly restricts the usable range of operation. This driver is used as both a midrange and tweeter in several commercial applications.

The crossover was designed by Dennis Murphy, winner of the first speaker showdown, the DIY 2ooo.These are the speakers I am currently using. A finished version in a wide variety of veneers and finishes, Mirror Walnut Veneer with Ruby Stain, Curved Sides, Ported: 45 Hz - 20kHz (+ / - 3db) Anechoic, 12" H x (7.5" Front, 9" Middle, 4.5" Back) W x 11" D. Please add products before saving :). In 2005, he realized how security was more of an afterthought and shifted his focus to securing ICS networks. We are happy to customize this kit for you – different capacitors, etc.

Whether a 3-way speaker is better or worse than a 2-way speaker depends mostly on the specific two speakers being compared and the intended application. $2395 per pair in black satin or white finish. The tweeter dome on the tower sits behind a fairly aggressive wave guide in the baffle, and its radiation patter is more directive.

Conventional drivers function in simple pistonic fashion across their frequency range. In addition, I'm a semi-professional violinist and violist and know what live music sounds like. RE: Dennis Murphy - Wojciech 15:21:18 04/03/20 (1) RE: Dennis Murphy - G Squared 18:37:28 04/03/20 ( 0) RE: Salk Speakers - Wojciech 06:55:33 04/03/20 ( 3) It gets messy when comparing Brand A 2 way vs Brand B 3 way though. For reviews of this BMR with complete Spinorama measurements, see and

Neither the original Pioneer tower mod nor my mod of the super-cheap Dayton T652 is available. See gallery for examples.

Dennis started his career designing, installing and maintaining process automation networks 25 years ago.

Thanks again Kurt for all of your efforts.

Dennis Murphy. Although I am an economist with no formal electrical engineering training, I have been an avid builder of speakers for over 20 years. They sound. These cookies do not store any personal information. Music can touch your very soul.Our mission is to make it happen.

Bass extension is to an F3 of 34Hz, providing the bass "heft" of a tower speaker in a moderately-sized monitor speaker. Dennis has developed this new 3-way design using the same RAAL ribbon tweeter.found in the New Philharmonitor. Not getting the kit right now?

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