do musicians watch the conductor

Conducting is both more influential and difficult than it looks. My stand partner keeps a close eye on him, whereas I more often look at my sheet music.During one dress rehearsal, the lighting was being adjusted and someone said the light was too bright behind the conductor so it hurt to look at him. If you start off by challenging every 4-8 bars, fermatas, breaths, etc. Lv 6. When a conductor conducts music in 3/4 (3 beats per measure), there will be 3 precise places that the baton is expected to be during the measure, and the musicians can always look up and follow that pattern. Reading the music is always gonna win out. But still as I watch the conductor of the orchestra, I can't see how his or her movements and signals jibe with what the orchestra is doing or is going to do. It doesn't change. If you think that YOU can just stand there and flap you arms, the yes, you are right - the orchestra will NOT pay any attention to you - they are better off listening to each other, and following the concertmaster (first chair violinist) and just getting to the END so you can go sit down! Second, orchestral conductors conduct WAY ahead of the beat the musicians are actually playing. Others (no names) contribute relatively little -- and of course some others (again, no names) actually make things worse if you watch what they are doing. The basic patterns are shown in this video. Just trust me, the conductor does help a lot. Entrances, cutoffs (if you're holding a note for awhile, you already know what it is. One was a veteran who exercised an iron grip over the violinists. If you wish to read an entertaining, but highly opinionated and infuriating attack on conductors, get a copy of Hans Keller's "Criticism". The conductor in this situation often wears headphones or follow cues on the film score. Amateurs often benefit from checking in more often as it is more common for them to get stuck in their individual part. If you watch an orchestras you would notice that most of the time players focus on reading their notes and not so much focus given on the conductor. I have been attending operas and classical music concerts for some time now. I NEVER allow students to conduct the ensembles that are my responsibility - until I explain it to them, they ALSO think that once the group knows a piece, the conductor is there just to start and stop them - and *flap their arms*. Personally, I watch quite a bit once I've learned the music well enough. We've got to watch other musicians and bow movements quite a lot, in addition to reading music too. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But, amateurs also really need to read their notes, so be judicious and realize they can't look up all the time. He or she will generally be required to carry out a number of significa… The orchestra I am with has a habit of drawing a small pair of eyeglasses on the sheet music where the conductor has requested we all watch him for extra important cues.

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