earthlings criticism

The entire movie is available online for free. My food is objectively cheaper, healthier, safer (no ecoli on the cutting board, etc) and more environmentally responsible. What sort of regulations are in place currently that the documentary didn't describe? CLEAN?? .-= Sagan´s last blog ..The Living Healthy in the Real World Guide to Budgeting, Part Five: Fitting in Exercise =-. Even if it is just ONE, JUST ONE, person, corporation or farm that treats their animals that way…it needs to be known.

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WOW. I think, like in the fictional Omelas, all of us should see this movie and “look upon the child getting kicked in the filth” – then what is possible? i am an animal love (not kidding) and most of the thing being done in that are not forgivable it is purly disgusting.

It’s a wonderful movie. Heartbroken. When I made the switch to veganism, so did my two daughters.

The fact that some slaughterhouses that are supposed the practice the Kosher method don’t actually meet Kosher guideline does not mean that all slaughterhouses that follow the Kosher Method all do the same. I don’t care if I am a little more restricted in what I can do, eat and wear if I have, in the past few years, and can, in the future somehow contribute just a tiny bit in ameliorating some of these horrible, ingrained practices. The awareness we bring along the way will further the cause. Completely sobbing. Also, because humans have reason they can use it to weigh the positives and negatives of a trial before attending, animals don’t have that luxury. They've also created a lot of advertising to detach "meat" from animals.

And I love your approach to vegetarianism- I totally agree with your sentiment that veggies are healthy and cool, rather than the notion of “meat is evil”. I do know a few that have some outdated barns and substandard overall conditions, not nearly to the extent shown on this film.

Until we watch some or all of these types of things we won’t make a change in our lives.

.-= Catherine´s last blog ..Sushi time! If they're factory farmed and grain fed: you're utilizing a vast amount of land because you need to grow more grains in pounds and calories, than you get back in their flesh. When you first posted this article, I watched the trailer and stopped there. Shame on all those responsible!

Earthlings is a 2005 American documentary film about humanity's use of other animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research.The film is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, features music by Moby, was directed by Shaun Monson, executive produced by Libra Max and was co-produced by Maggie Q.A sequel titled Unity was released in 2015. Add any text here or remove it.

i dont do what i do because of the idea of animals dying because lets be honest, even the (some) dinosaurs were meat eaters ;o) However i DO take issue with factory type ‘growing’ of animals and the conditions they are in (which can lead to AWFUL things in what we buy etc), and that they are fed things that arent natural for them, just to make them bigger, faster… For example, footage is shown of people beating elephants when training them, or beating pigs and being rough with them. I would like to touch on your last point: For example, if chickens, cows, and pigs were allowed to live an enjoyable life in a spacious farm where they're free to roam and go about their business, not being dehorned or debeaked, and ultimately being killed in a way that actually is quick and painless instead of the brutal methods that the documentary shows, this would dramatically less ethically problematic.

Let me begin by saying that I thought the documentary was very eye-opening, and has definitely changed my outlook towards eating meat and using animals in the way that we do. I made it through the trailer and I’m in pain; crying, shaking, angry – a total mess. When I tried to look away my boyfriend told me “we have to watch this,” though he was just as sickened and appalled. Am 12. But you really cannot excuse that kind of extreme cruelty towards any living creature.

My protein concerns are not founded in anything else besides my own discovery of my body’s reaction to increased protein and less carbs. But before then I was a vegetarian/ trying to go vegan. I live in Canada and visit hundreds of farms per year, there are very few farms in Ontario that I haven't visited.

Cruelty affects test results, as stress hormones are released into the subject’s body, and therefore is carefully prohibited. I think your views are very resonsible. I’d recommend the DVD though, since if all it took were a mouse click to turn it off, I wouldn’t have made it 15 minutes. I’m not sure I could make it through the movie. Is it worse to know that cows are being milked to death for people who consume dairy, rather than to end the suffering and comsume their meat (at least they aren’t suffering)? But I'm not going to go balls-out, full-on vegan anytime soon. I got about half way through the trailer and I was sobbing!! It’s their choice, as it is mine too. btw it’s also free on youtube. Diese Seite wird privat und ohne Gewinnabsicht betrieben durch: R. Meyer CAYA #444294 Glogauer Str. If you eat some meat but do so in as responsible a manner as possible, making sure to get your food from sources that you know treat animals with respect, then I hope watching this makes you more passionate about that cause.

So step 1) gain some confidence and share this with people even if I get some bad reactions, 2) get myself a no meat athlete tshirt .

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