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No I’m working off of some random pinterest graphics on how to bind them. Coconut. @liofotiaismyson. It’s just interesting that some Establishment Dems (and Republicans) think Bernie is gunna single-handedly turn the country into a socialist state when his ideology is best characterized as a social democrat. Check any history book & you’ll see the policies of today’s Democrats are more empathetic to abject corporatism in its infancy.Socialism has NEVER been completely accepted by the whole of the Democrats since FDR introduced Social Security and the various programs for employment during the depression of the 1930′s.Corporations despised FDR’s promotion of the Wagner Act of 1938 that supported labor unions to legally negotiate their pay, benefits and working hours in a contract with a company.The big corporate wealthy were LIVID! In other words, democracy is unstable especially due to its close friend, capitalism. we are not an aesthetic.

This must be achieved at all levels, starting at pre-K and ending with college. No country is purely democratic socialist, but some with the most democratic socialist policies include: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, The Netherlands, and Iceland. DO NOT edit/use/repost/heavily reference my work. Obama care only raised unemployment rates; yet yall think taxing the rich will help, when taxes don't help itself that much at all. This meant unions could not collect dues from union members if they chose not to pay them. While drying certain flowers and getting other tools for my sculpture I started making miniature books. due to coronavirus i lost my source of income.

The original phrase, which isn't an exact quote, is attributed to one of the leading figures of the French Revolution, Jean Jacques Rossaeau "When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich." 1,2,3,4 I declare a class war 5,6,7,8 eat the rich and smash the state. especially because both of them are as dangerous individually as a newly sharpened kitchen knive and not less dangerous together, not to mention that neil did not hesitate to rip riko moriyama apart on live television, told fbi officers to go and fuck themselves and did the same to his very murderous father — which throws up the question as to how people think neil is some.. househusband..? Ronana and I’m sticking to it. 2 months ago. Queer punk. There’s a lot going on here and almost none of it is coherent. The “problem” with Bernie appears to be, not enough people like socialism in any form as gov’t policy.

Non-binary. Source: emothalia. can we add “wanna open a record shop” gay to this list? 2 months ago.

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