erin armstrong painting

My studio space is in an old factory building in Toronto’s West end. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! Our site uses cookies. Within a week, she was invited to present her work in person, putting her on the fast-track that many artists dream of. Through her art, she comments on the shared human experience of living in our contemporary world, which includes navigating such issues as climate change, #metoo, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. Erin Armstrong. My mom confessed to me as an adult that she knew there was no way I had strep-throat almost 365 days a year, but she just let it slide so that I could stay home and make art with her. There’s a little place called Universal Grill across from my studio that has a great half price Wine Wednesday and really good food that me and my studio friends try to go to every week. The following Monday I was contacted by a gallery in New York who had seen my work at the booth. I got 12 paintings done by opening night, hung up my booth, and sold out by the end of the three-day fair. I’ve made relationships with a ton of Canadian artists, galleries, and dealers just through Instagram. All Rights Reserved. to help give you the best experience we can. From Bau-Xi Gallery, Erin Armstrong, Trance (2020), Acrylic on Canvas, 48 × 36 in, Armstrong's figurative works are juxtapositions of graphic patterns and decisive gestural markings in a variety of media. There’s a big hill you can sit on and have a picnic overlooking Lake Ontario. Size is 30 H x 30 W x 1 in. However, none of these jobs were what I wanted in terms of creativity, so I decided that life is short, I needed to just go for it and if I failed at least I had tried. The art scene in Toronto is really booming and there’s a ton of artists that are now showing on a global stage. I think too many people, especially in art, lose sight of that and can get wound up over small things that in the grand scheme of things are insignificant.

All images copy right Erin Armstrong. Her writing has been featured in publications and on blogs including Create! My studio is a 20 minute bike ride from my home, so I’ve been able to still head to work everyday.

I felt a bit strange making art in a time where there is so much anxiety and suffering, painting seemed a bit frivolous and I wasn’t very motivated. Additionally, social media has been really helpful to make connections and meet new people, since, again, I didn’t go to university for fine art so I think I missed out on some of those key friendships and networks that most create during art school.

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. I feel it’s actually a pretty small group of people in the Canadian art scene and it seems most people know each other or at least know of the other’s work. I was on a plane the next week with canvas rolled in my luggage to bring down to the gallery. Overall, I think Toronto is a really creative city that is expanding very rapidly, the only problem with this boom is that it’s driving up the cost of studio space rent and is getting extremely expensive to live and work, which is driving some artists out to more affordable communities. Tok Tok. Erin Armstrong Art. 75 The work I’m creating though is definitely reflective of the times we’re in. She’s since built an impressive following for her work including clients such as Nike and Anthropologie. so I definitely feel a sense of camaraderie. This print can be purchased unframed or framed in a high quality dark stai. Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Erin Armstrong I need a really long time to stop and stare at a work, so I feel rushed if I go with someone else because they usually don’t want to stop and stare as long as I do. I see them at all the major art fairs, in big publications, in international gallery exhibits, or doing collaborations with major brands.

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