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Presley, who might be regarded as the central character in this novel, is uniquely American in that he has a uniquely American vision. "Romantic Individualism in Garland, Norris and Crane,", Smith, Allan Lloyd (1995). The P&SW is now looking for ways to keep the ranchers from winning the deal.

[12] Because of his involvement with a prank during the Class Day Exercises in 1893, the annual alumni dinner held by each Phi Gamma Delta chapter still bears his name. Norris died in San Francisco on October 25, 1902, of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix. They had a child in 1902. [7][8] Between 1890 and 1894 he attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he became acquainted with the ideas of human evolution of Darwin and Spencer that are reflected in his later writings. Got it. The Octopus examines the struggle of California wheat farmers in the San Joaquin valley against the powerful Pacific and Southwestern Railroad monopoly. The Octopus: A Story of California, first published in 1901 by Frank Norris, presents modern readers with a view of a specific time and place in American history when California was a new, open land of promise.The country's ability to produce agricultural abundance seemed endless, threatened only by greed and the interference of laws that serve … On the first level, of course, the “Octopus” is the railroad system that gradually covers the entire Midwest and West (the book is about California expoitation), with its branches, like tentacles,... What was the main fight that took place in "The Octopus"? As he cycles toward the town of Bonneville, he meets Hooven, a ranch worker who is agitated by the possibility of being fired. Rebellion and warfare are in the air. "Norris and Naturalism." C. G. Norris was also the husband of the prolific novelist Kathleen Norris. [26] Along with his contemporary Jack London, Norris is seen as "reconstructing American identity as a biological category of Anglo-Saxon masculinity. "Frank Norris' 'The Puppets and the Puppy': LeContean Idealism or Naturalistic Skepticism?,". "[27] In Norris's work, critics have seen evidence of racism, antisemitism, and contempt for immigrants and the working poor, all of whom are seen as the losers in a Social-Darwinist struggle for existence. Presley is drawn into the intrigue and violence seething in the volatile community.

After the conversation ends, the group learns that the legal system has decided in favor of the railroad. "The Newspaper Experience: Crane, Norris and Dreiser,", McElrath, Joseph R. (1978).

Frank Norris's work often includes depictions of suffering caused by corrupt and greedy turn-of-the-century corporate monopolies. The Octopus, novel by Frank Norris, published in 1901 and subtitled A Story of California.

There he met Lewis E. Gates, who encouraged his writing. He, too, meets Hooven and hears of the man’s personal troubles. The biggest idea ever!" That night, with everyone gathered together, they learn that the railroad intends to charge $27 for the ranchers’ option on each acre, not the $2.50 expected. Annixter, nevertheless, finishes building a new barn and inaugurates it with a dance attended by most Valley families. The offer is rejected. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this The Octopus study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. In, Everett, Wallace W. "Frank Norris in his Chapter,", "Frank Norris, the novelist, died to-day as the result of an operation for appendicitis performed three days ago". The Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley, houses the archives of all three writers. Though free-wheeling market capitalism causes the deaths of many of the characters in the novel, this "larger view always ... discovers the Truth that will, in the end, prevail, and all things, surely, inevitably, resistlessly work together for good". With rancher investment and toil, the once worthless lands had become golden.

In: Wertheim, Stanley (1991). At a San Francisco meeting, he introduces his Valley constituents to Cedarquist, a manufacturer-tycoon who lectures them on the hard and cruel realities inherent in economic determinism and free-market trade, contrasting such with the superficiality of art in the function of society. Learn more.

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