is it safe to leave air conditioner on all night

I know myself, and no matter what season it is, or how hot or cold it is outside, I prefer to keep the four walls of my bedroom on the cooler side. Here's how to make sure your AC habit isn't negatively affecting your health on the DL: As soon as you wake up in the morning after sleeping through the night with the AC blasting, take note of your breathing. Plus, that last stretch of dry heat in September is no better, so the temptation to crank up the AC while you’re sleeping is definitely there. Is it Safe to Leave Air Conditioner On All Day? The Australian has published an article where it interviewed Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Should I Leave My Air Conditioner on All Night? To the extent permitted by law, AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd is not liable for any errors, omissions or misrepresentation in such information or for any loss or damage suffered by persons who use or rely on the information. Or does sleeping with the cool air blasting on you all night long cause too much of a chill for your body? Are you stuffy? But since the thermostat outside your body affects your internal temperature, have you ever considered whether it’s safe to sleep with the AC running? In addition, if you have a split system installed in the bedroom you can run it during the night with the door closed to maximise its effectiveness. So not only is it safe to sleep with the AC running, Brantner says it’s actually recommended. But, worst-case scenario, you’ll have a little trouble adjusting to the seasons, and nothing more. Thomas Hoffmann Air Conditioning & Heating LLC, Only using the fan function of your AC unit, Adjusting the cooling level and raising it up at night. Is there anything better than feeling reinvigorated right at the start of the day? Nobody wants to waste precious sleep time (and wake up grumpy the next day) because their bedroom has turned into an oven. Let It Run All Day? If, for example, your AC is a clunky old thing that makes an obscenely obnoxious revving sound every time you turn it on, Raymann says the overall temperature in the room might make you sleepy, but chances are, the noise will keep you awake. Cooler temperatures provide the appropriate environment for the body to find the comfort zone that will ultimately enable it to cool itself to relax and fall asleep. Rest assured, your body will adjust. I always assumed this was a direct result of my obsession with cuddling comfortably under the covers with my husband (or, you know, a stuffed animal — sorry, babe), but according to sleep science coach and founder of SleepZoo Chris Brantner, the optimal sleep temperature is on the cooler side of the spectrum. Is It Safe To Sleep With The AC ... blasting the air conditioning for some, any relief at all. The question is, should you give in? Our smart inverter systems let you to create your perfect environment while keeping your electricity bills low, so you can rest easy. Pretty soon, summer nights will burn out like a bonfire, making way for pumpkin spice everything and cozy sweater weather — but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. When keeping your air conditioner fan on or auto, there’s no boilerplate recommendation that we make to home owners, because everyone has different needs. There are few worse sensations than going to bed in summer and feeling your face stick to the pillow as you toss and turn into the late hours of the night. In fact, sleep studies advise insomniacs to adjust their thermostat to about 21 degrees Celsius to allow their core temperature to drop. As for your actual sleep cycle, that could be in jeopardy, too, depending on the type of air conditioning you have. For the record, as far as science is concerned, in addition to any expert I’ve personally talked to, you definitely have the go-ahead to turn up the AC all night long. Any dust, bacteria, or germs that lurk in the crevices of your AC vent could easily spread around your bedroom once you turn it on, Raymann says, and that can lead to all kinds of health issues. Powered by Outshine Media LLC At Homesense owner Brian’s home, he has it set ON all day because he has young children that are home and he has allergies, so the improved comfort and air quality are benefits that outweigh the costs. AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd Copyright © 2018. This is not a risk not worth taking. Product information on this site may have been sourced from overseas suppliers/entities and has not been created by AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd, therefore, AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd does not necessarily warrant the accuracy of the content and/or detail of such information. Thanks. May 22, 2020 by Thomas Hoffmann Leave a Comment When the weather is hot and humid, your air conditioner comes to the rescue and processes the outdoor air by cooling it down, getting rid of excess moisture, and … It's about 87-88 degrees outside, I have the A.C. set at 81-82. Am I okay leaving it on all day, or will it exhaust the machine? Privacy Policy | About. Here at Howard Air, we have some tips to help you decide the best way to use your air conditioner efficiently. We have developed noise-sensitive applications that allow Toshiba’s compressor motors to reach your desired temperature with a quiet operation. Here are some useful tips to keep your hair conditioned without damage: This can result in “breathing difficulties at night” and potentially “dry out your skin considerably,” says Brantner. The machine is pretty new.

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