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Players won the jackpot, which was paid in 21 annual installments (with no cash option), by matching the first six numbers drawn. On July 10, 1993, drawings were moved from Wednesdays to Saturdays. But, he said, he was inspired to expand his bet when the customer in front of him bought three dollars in tickets for both the May 5th and the May 8th drawings. The largest effect was found among winners who were not yet registered to vote. He took a cash payment. The current name was adopted in 2002. The first Mega Millions drawing that included Pennsylvania (held on February 2, 2010) produced three winners of $250,000; two were in areas new to the game: one each in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The payout percentage in Super 7 is 52.19% (the original Super 7's payout percentage was 49%). Here are the current 10 largest lottery jackpots and some of the lucky people who won big. The new game was played by selecting 6 numbers from 48. The Lottery had planned to retire Mix & Match on November 3, 2009, replacing it with a new game, Double Play. Chandler took a cash payment of her winnings. If the two digits, and their order, match the back (right) two digits of the winning number, the player wins. The Pennsylvania Lottery has offered several games which would later be discontinued due to low sales and/or relative obsolescence. Multi-state games offered in Pennsylvania. - 2008 - Activating the Wild Ball doubles the cost of the play. ET, with the numbers posted on the Lottery's website after 1:35 p.m. Playing MegaMillions in 2014, Carl Szott of Allegheny County won $886.7 million. It involves selecting five numbers from a field of 30. The annuity payment totaled $115.5 million. Players continued to get two plays for $1, again having to purchase games in pairs. Cash 5 jackpots also are always paid in lump sum. For the 2009–2010 fiscal year, approximately $3.065 billion in gross revenue was acquired through proceeds and interest. Plays remain $2 each, or $3 if the Megaplier is activated. Starting with tickets released at the end of November 2010, tickets no longer have validation codes; an area marked "Scratch to Cash" must be scratched off by the player, revealing a bar code. One of those tickets belonged to Marvin and Mae Acosta, a couple from Chino Hills, California. Besides offering terminal-based games, the Pennsylvania Lottery has many instant games (such tickets are usually referred to as "scratch off tickets"). The show was hosted by former American Bandstand, and later several incarnations of the Pyramid game show series, Dick Clark, assisted by Gigi Gordon. The Lottery cited the addition of Mega Millions to its portfolio early in the year; Super 7 was drawn on Tuesday and Friday nights, the same as Mega Millions. If all 7 numbers on a player’s ticket matched any 7 of the 11 balls drawn, the player won a jackpot that is paid either in 30 annual installments, or in lump sum, depending on the player's choice. Super 6's final drawing was on January 27, 2004. Players won up to $365,000 on the show; two of its games were Vortex and Freefall, both from Illinois Instant Riches (though Vortex debuted on Bonus Bonanza in Massachusetts). Pennsylvania Lottery winnings by Pennsylvania residents are exempt from state tax; however, winnings may be subject to local taxes for residents of some municipalities (e.g. (Concurrent with the introduction of Pick 2, the Daily Number, Big 4, and Quinto were renamed to Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5, respectively.) A group of employees of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) shared a Powerball jackpot-winning ticket of $107.5 million in 2012. Before the Pick games are drawn, one digit 0 through 9 is drawn and designated as the Wild Ball number. Varies; 67.94% after deduction of fourth-level ($1) prizes, divided among all 5-of-5 winners. On May 5, 1990, Saturday Spin was changed to Million Dollar Spin. On October 13, 2009, an agreement was reached between the Mega Millions and Powerball groups. Super 7 was re-introduced on March 11, 2009; the first drawing of the Super 7 revival was two nights later. (A game show featuring MMC players had episodes taped; they aired beginning March 28, 2015) Pennsylvania's MMC payouts for the final drawing were pari-mutuel, and were much higher than the fixed payouts for each prize tier. Eventually, a second-prize Mega Millions ticket with Megaplier activated was guaranteed to win $1,000,000, regardless of the multiplier drawn. Fourteen winning Super 7 tickets split a 1989 jackpot that had an annuity payment totaling $115.5 million. The largest jackpot in U.S. history was a $1.6 million Powerball jackpot. Because New Jersey does not have a station that airs Mega Millions nor Powerball drawings, WTXF-TV airs the aformentioned drawings for Central and Southern New Jersey as well. five lottery winners in Pennsylvania whose good luck turned bad. Single tickets can be purchased in increments of 50¢, up to $5.00. Perhaps your upcoming lottery win will soon be added to our list! A group of employees of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) shared a Powerball jackpot-winning ticket of $107.5 million in 2012. ET, seven days a week. The store that sold the ticket was awarded a $100,000 bonus. Concurrent with the removal of validation codes, the Pennsylvania lottery also removed "benday," a random pattern of squiggly lines used as a security feature.[24].

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