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43. In an entirely coincidental faux-pas, The Coup planned to release 2001%u2019s %u2018Party Music%u2019 with a cover showing band members Pam the Funkstress and Riley standing in front of the World Trade Centre. The content was controversial too: ‘New York City Cops’ had to be replaced with ‘When It Started’ to avoid causing offence after 9/11. ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ declared Jane’s Addiction in 1988, although they later found out that a pair of naked conjoined ladies with their heads on fire is, in fact, shocking if you run a chain of record stores. 28. Numerous metal, grindcore, and gorecore bands—as well as less blatantly offensive acts like Guns N' Roses and America's British sweethearts, the Beatles—have issued controversial album covers that raised the ire of retailers, parent groups, Christian organizations, and even US politicians. It was at the centre of an obscenity-related UK court case after a Nottingham-based record retailer was arrested for showcasing the sleeve (which prominently displayed the word “Bollocks”) in his shop window. The album was especially controversial as it was released in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre, of which Manson had been lazily blamed by sections of the press for inciting hatred in the young offenders prior to their crime. Fans were treated to a fold out featuring the heavily mutilated faces of the six band members including blacked out eyes, rotting flesh, metal implements and pincers in a Freddy Kruger-esque dentistry nightmare. The WORST album covers of all time The first cover I thought of was the infamous,lascivious Mom’s Apple Pie cover ! Manson said that the artwork, featuring the singer as a crucified Christ with his jawbone torn off, was in part a satirical swipe at censorship to begin with. LOL! Guns N' Roses, Appetite for Destruction (1987) Painter Robert Williams' depiction of a rapist robot proved too much for many stores and the image was later replaced by an image of the band as skeletons. Royal Trux: %u2018Sweet Sixteen%u2019 - The half-Bowie, half-dog on this 1974 concept album caused controversy due to the exposed genitalia of the creature, painted by Guy Peellaert. The grunge band’s second full-length was originally a shot of a couple found in a thrift store, featuring a shirtless guy cupping his partner’s breast. uDiscover Music investigates the most controversial album covers of all time. Guns N' Roses – Appetite For Destruction. Guns N’ Roses’ debut initially featured a robotic rapist and his victim, with the robot about to meet his own justice from a flying metal monster. That’s probably what Al Jourgensen calls a quiet Wednesday, but the cover of one of Ministry’s druggiest albums proved too much for Kmart, who refused to stock Dark Side Of The Spoon. He had the “tame” version of Yesterday and Today by the Beatles. Ken Hensley was great though. Reflecting the innuendo-laden title, the image featured a close-up of a jeans-clad male crotch – and the original vinyl pressing even featured a working zipper. ''I didn't have nothing to do with that stupid LP cover,'' the guitar legend once insisted. And for putting a young naked girl on the cover of their only studio album. 19. The Johnny Walker whisky company issued a cease and desist order after Black Label Society’s debut album came out with the cover based on the brand’s Black Label whisky. If the obscene title wasn’t enough to get the censors all hot under the collar, the toilet humour on the cover certainly is. Would Metallica have had the same impact if their debut album was called Metal Up Your Ass and featured a dagger-wielding hand emerging from a toilet? At the time I felt a bit shocked by Head Machine’s Orgasm. This doesn’t piss me off as much as it pleases me, because those offended by my album cover have successfully proven my point.”. Birth Control: ‘Operation’ – 45. There’s such a fine line between genius and…stupid. Seventies American rock band Mom%u2019s Apple Pie weren%u2019t talking about their mum%u2019s favourite baked puddings, as closer inspection of the missing slice in this kindly lady%u2019s pie will reveal. Steppenwolf’s Penismobile on the cover of For Ladies Only. Black Flag: ‘Family Man’ – Plenty of album covers have proven controversial but not all of these have invoked the censors’ ire. The sexually ambiguous pubis on show in the cover of The Black Crowes’ 1994 album Amorica caused trouble for the band’s label, Universal, who later changed it for a blacked out image. The imagery came from a painting by acclaimed psychedelic artist Robert Williams but was replaced by the band’s iconic Celtic cross design when stores refused to stock it. A Scotland Yard police investigation instigated by Anabella’s mother. Mortad Hell: %u2018There%u2019s A Satanic Butcher In Every One Of Us%u2019 %u2013 Avant-garde rock stars, The Residents, generated scandal with the cover of their second studio album. Whether those standards might be offended by the presence of human fetuses on the back cover artwork or the inclusion of a track called ''Rape Me'' (or both) was unclear. The U.K. cover of Electric Ladyland was never changed. See, totally worth it…especially for the poop face sneer. It was never put out in the states with that cover. !~. The Strokes, Is This It (2001) While overseas purchasers of the band's first album were treated to the risqué photograph above, those in the States had to make do with a rather less erotically-charged image of subatomic particles. A thick drill-bit penetrating a distorted skull not brutal enough for you? The Rolling Stones: ‘Sticky Fingers’ – Rock music has always courted controversy and so has the packaging that surrounds it. Supermarkets felt a sticker was also required. 47. 9. Because the original cover features a bunch of dogs looking a gramaphone player. 24. Based on a painting titled ‘My Mother’s Eyes’, Diamond is said to have based this themed album on a story of two dead children, murdered by their father, relating their story to him. Ranked as one of the greatest album covers of all time, the image of a leather-clad hand pressed into a woman’s behind was banned from the US and had to be replaced with a photo of particle collisions in the Big European Bubble Chamber. Those naughty scamps Nirvana were back in trouble with their ‘In Utero’ album art, not least the presence of the song title ‘Rape Me’ on the back. The record company chose an image of the bible spiked with nails and covered in blood in an effort that, according to guitarist Kerry King, %u201Clooked liked a seventh-grader had defaced the bible.%u201D. After advance copies had been sent to journalists, uporoar was so strong their label Capitol recalled 750,000 copies. When guitarist Euronymous discovered the body, he snapped a photo before calling the police. Featuring the band’s close friend and brother of The Reverend, Chris McClure, the Arctics landed into hot water after anti-smoking groups complained about the cigarette in McClure’s mouth. Bon Jovi’s breakthrough album was originally meant to feature a woman’s torso with the album name on a wet yellow T-shirt. Family-orientated record shops refused to stock it, but that didn’t dent the album’s ability to bring a whole new meaning to the album’s title. 11. Thus, he commissioned this George Condo image of himself being straddled by an armless winged female. 40. I have most of these, except the Rap and most of them I agree are way too politically incorrect for 2018. The corpse%u2019s mutilated face showed Manson with his teeth bared in a typical display of gothic headline-grabbing. The original “banned” sleeve The Rolling Stones submitted for their classic Beggars Banquet album featured a sleazy-looking bathroom wall covered in graffiti, and was rejected by their record label. Yeah pretty controversial. 1. 3. 32. It’s classic, man. The shot of a bloated, rotting head was heavily censored on release to show just the band logo and title. Roxy Music: ‘Country Life’ – Numerous metal, grindcore, and gorecore bands—as well as less blatantly offensive acts like Guns N' Roses and America's British sweethearts, the Beatles—have issued controversial album covers that raised the ire of retailers, parent groups, Christian organizations, and even US politicians. Or the original cover for Iron Maiden debut album with Eddie holding the severed head of Margaret Thatcher? Why? Although it was the poster included, not the album cover itself. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Though the front of the replacement simply listed the album name, band, and First Amendment in black text on a white background, the back contained a statement that suggested Hitler%u2019s rise to power began with the suppression of freedom of speech. The Stone’s 1971 release provided entertainment for anyone that ever had a wet dream about getting into Jagger’s pants: the cover featured a working zipper on a Warhol image of a denim clad crotch. The Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet (1968) The Stones' label refused to release their album with this graffiti-strewn artwork. For girls who grow plump in the night by Caravan. I have 1980s reissue copies from both the U.K. and Germany.

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