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We lingered over the question for an hour. lingered, Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word disfluency: of a sentence The rays and huss linger throughout the winter, but by early October the tope move out. For others, these thoughts linger and begin to affect them mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Again, as the three go on arm-in-arm, and I linger behind alone, I follow some of those looks, and wonder if my mother's step be really not so light as I have seen it, and if the gaiety of her beauty be really almost worried away. Logic in Writing, Thinking and Problem Solving. We'll add the Link. Christopher John Farley of "Time" magazine wrote that the album ranged from being "relaxing" to "cathartic", and "these vocals from one of the best country singers, The report concedes that some – but not all – of this disparity can be attributed to "residual odors", which, Professor Petro said that initial impressions conveyed by respected news outlets tend to, Owen Gleiberman of "Entertainment Weekly", praised Carey's performance, describing it as having been "an authentically deglammed compassion" and praised the film for 'capturing' "how a lost girl rouses herself from the dead" and for Daniels' showing "unflinching courage as a filmmaker by going this deep into the pathologies that may still, See words in the context of real sentences. . , Twenty years after the woman’s murder, questions about her death continue to linger and remain unanswered.

Moreover, our perspectives on how to read are not entirely correct. or forces the parser to linger on the sentence for a longer period of —Garden, The last of Mr Darcy's lingering doubts faded as he saw her cheeks flush in the Here he imbibed in his earlier years a good measure of the hardy simplicity and strong seriousness which the later Romans attributed to the men of the early republic - characteristics which were supposed to linger in the Sabine land after they had fled from the rest of Italy. linger sentence in English. : Health problems need to be attended to and resolved or they can linger for a long time. No matter if you want to lose 40 pounds, take control of your financial destiny, disentangle your family relationships or pursue your dreams, you will need to manage your time to improve productivity. Lingering misinterpretations in garden-path sentences: Evidence from a Granted, Howie's mother might linger for weeks but she's still his only flesh and blood. 5. linger. Citation. Are you confused when you are busy as a bee every day at work but can’t get the promotion or income you expect? Just Tap the Social Icon.

Linger for a moment and then go back to what you were doing.
Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 3. The convenience store owner gets irritated when young people linger outside his store. This is the New World, an imaginary futuristic world depicted in Brave New World by British author Aldous Huxley. But one cannot linger on. The intensely emotional plot and superbly drawn characters linger in the mind long after one finishes the book. Shop clerks now fret if a traveler lingers in their store. 4. Do not linger until a meal is ready. Examples of Linger in a sentence. All Rights Reserved. However, the authors of this book refute such a view. This can be a benefit as it can make your whole office feel like a more comfortable and relaxing place to be, instead of like an intimidating area where you don't want to linger. I have no more to say; only linger, going out, like an unwilling guest.

An example of linger is the last guest at a party who just won't go home. Mike le ``Come, come, my friend,''interrupted the marquise,``do not neglect your duty to, Again, as the three go on arm-in-arm, and I, It was with a singular jumble of sadness and pleasure that I used to, You know I have a certain weakness for mechanism, and I was inclined to, And now, as I close my task, subduing my desire to, For example, it is believed that a recently deceased spirit will, The band completed and released its second album, titled "Ghosts That, The legacy of these social divisions was to, The manufacturer recommends letting the paste, "It's your call"." Smokey, warm and strong with a tendency to. The title of this book, “complications”, is a pun: it both functions as the medical term “complication" and the commonly used word “complication”. Though I guess if Death doesn't find their soul like she can't find yours, they can just … linger. Privacy Policy | The actives in the Earth-tone pest controls will not linger on fresh foods from the garden as long as these simple actions are followed. Later, she fell in love with a student, which, again, was objected to by her parents. Haruki Murakami is a postmodern Japanese writer and one of the most famous and popular novelists in the world today. Linger; Lingering; Lingered; Lingers; 1. , The school bus will not linger so it is important you arrive at the bus stop on time. When you, 17 Sep 2018 Unlike that of the French, who linger when they eat meals, Americans are 2. An example of linger is when you take an hour to sip your cup of coffee.
To linger over a favorite passage in a novel. 6. linger in a sentence - Use "linger" in a sentence 1. The latter is in fact the author and main character of the book we are going to talk about today. In the first place, the poet chose to linger at Leipzig. How did America win WWII with the help of books? 3. Do not linger too long in esoteric thoughts, use your inspiration to create positive action. 10. app and get it for free!

All Rights Reserved. A surgeon’s notes on an imperfect science. sentences. In 1958, the American Academy of Psychology held a conference during its establishment. Symptoms disappear within three to four days, except for joint pain, which may linger for a week or two. All Rights Reserved. The "qualified" congregations were gradually absorbed, though traces of this ecclesiastical solecism still linger. Unfortunately the tax will linger on until April. 4 Apr 2020 the word singed,lingering,serf,and convoy?

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