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This seems to be one of the harder things to get right the first time in a home. We talk about using wallpaper in your closet and the unexpected surfaces to cover that will elevate the feel of the room & give some tips on how to enrich the perspective of your closet. Everything as usual is focused on lifestyle and how to enjoy your home more. We want to help the listener have a better experience sleeping & living in your room of privacy and repose.

Make a distinction between their toys and ?your toys.? Items to splurge on 13:30 If you are looking to upgrade, update or just freshen up your existing home, join us as we walk through multiple ways to achieve that. We discuss space planning with the bed, dressers and nightstands, how to get the right scale of art above your bed, using a 30” lamp for your nightstands and when to blend TV’s into walls. Boxes can be used to fill space which large accessories cannot. Cleaning Countertops 5:19 Our answers are personal preferences, so you don't need to agree with all we say but hopefully you can ask yourself the same questions and learn more about your own tastes. Pendants 8:10 We talk about how to situate your room depending on what you want your focus to be. Hardware 11:03 We talk about our favorite sights from movies and places, and how you can bring those memories into your space with art, fashion, and objects. When looking for a Designer 33:52 Sue’s inspiration 4:27 In this episode of Dear Alice, we dive deep into trends. For larger entries, we give tips on the choice, placement, and decoration of center hall tables. @Aris_Empire question - how to balance understated style with overstated style 1:11

Can you mix chrome and brass? Art 30:50 “I think one thing we’re always going to say invest in, is the stuff that you come into contact with. The hallway is an opportunity to have a smaller, more intimate moment and doesn't have to be a means to an end.
We also get to hear some amazing advice on styling. Treating the windows is the finishing touch to a room and it never quite feels put together until done so. Join our email list: Youtube:, Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Suzanne Hall and Jessica Bennett, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. We love vintage decor because it can bring an original point of view to your space, if you are using it right. A tray is almost always necessary. Understanding how the whole room functions start by picking out the rug, which is why you don't start with a small one. Design your dining room to be different from your kitchen so it stands out as a special place where you and your guests can gather to share special moments. to look for in terms of dining room chandeliers and lighting 4:02What the dining room needs to be 11:10How to get started 12:46Wallpaper and wall paint 20:54Chairs 25:49Host and hostess chairs 29:18“As far as formal versus opinionated, I think you should still be opinionated about it.

“Think about your floor because honestly the square footage of a laundry room isn’t that much typically, so I think it’s something worth investing in… And if you’re building, make sure that they give you a window into that room.” 21:08 She tells us about the history of the company, how to use wallpaper, where she gets inspiration from, and talks about some of her favorite and most unexpected projects. It is hard to know what details on the outside will make a difference but we have a few suggestions. Avoid a round rug in general., In this episode we talk about the dining room and how it’s a place for celebration and we say go wild and really embrace the fact that a dining room is a special place for special occasions.
Painting Cabinets 25:45 - Corner Fire Place 25:33 After collecting all the many questions we receive through our blog and instagram accounts, we created our very own podcast: Dear Alice: A Lifestyle Approach to Interior Design, where owner and design principal, Jessica Bennett, and VP of design, Suzanne Hall, break down elements of interior design. We also share the unique perspectives and experiences that come from nature and travel. Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Suzanne Hall and Jessica Bennett, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. How to Decorate – Ballard Designs podcast interviewing other interior decorators and host trials and triumphs, love these ladies 00:16:39 - From starting as an art director in advertising to taking the scene with Alice Lane & Alice Lane Interiors we break down the beginnings of how w… A Lifestyle Approach to Interior Design; Origins - Dear Alice | Interior Design (podcast) | Listen Notes Size of Fireplaces 4:08Fireboxes 11:36Fireplace Materials 17:10Updating Fireplaces 23:15“If you have marble countertops, you’re probably going to want to see a marble or something relative to that on your fireplace.” 19:38, Today are talking laundry rooms and we want you to make this space one you enjoy spending time in because it will likely be a lot.

We also address the constant challenge of toy organization. Free Space Planning with Alice Lane13:32 - Accent Walls 19:44 This is an episode for those moms out there that feel like they can't have anything nice till their kids grow up. The laundry chute 22:05 Dear Alice is an Interior Design podcast brought to you by Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall, the spunky geniuses behind Alice Lane Interior Design. Just because your house wasn’t born with a big closet, does not mean that you cannot make it a closet.” 31:26, In this two-part episode on kitchens of Dear Alice, we talk specifically about styling the kitchen. Where do we start? It?s also important to find what styles you like. Because of this we have a little more control of the size, look, and when we use it. We answer a question about how to create more intimacy in an open floor plan by using rugs and good, creative space planning.

"In this episode of Dear Alice, we talk about patterns. It’s cold and hard but what you can do is, it can reflect who you really are.” 5:32 The best way to successfully mix an overstated design with a more understated style is to start by neutralizing the colors then start to add the layers back in. Questions to ask before a new build or remodel 3:07 Cause it reminds me of this time…” 13:10 Curtains, Blinds, or Shutters 3:57 What’s next and what Jen is looking for 30:22 You could use animal prints or plaids if you’re more sophisticated and want it to feel like a Burberry store. We bring up the fact that an open concept can often get loud, so we provide solutions for ways to dampen that sound like adding drapes and rugs to absorb the sound., In this episode of Dear Alice we are talking about art. We talk about common mistakes like hanging family portraits in the entry (TMI for salesmen, not enough visibility for those who live in the house), having rugs that are too small, and using boob lights. It can be tricky balancing a room with a fireplace, drawers, open shelves, cabinetry, etc. Join us as we talk about how feel best during this difficult time. In addition to the typical standards of hanging height, finishes and use of lamps, we tell you about our favorite lighting designers and why they get us excited. We discuss the importance of finding a designer you can trust and who will push you to take risks. There are some tricks to space planning, like drawing the room out and then leaving 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table to make the table usable and the size of your TV needs to be half the length of the distance from your couch to the location of your TV. Beginning of Questions 1:27 Introduction 0:22

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