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Serao Kesara is among the last in a dying breed of comedians working in Asakusa. Instead, the events described above play out in sequence while the episode ends with a montage of major scenes from the season set to music.). Two other patrons recognize her as an ex-idol, a former fame that continues to make Rinko's life difficult as she struggles to become an actress in serious dramas. The stories are usually lighthearted in tone, but some venture into more dramatic territory with melancholy resolutions. Hitomi is a beautiful young woman who is unsuccessful in relationships with men her age. (Each story is shown as a flashback corresponding with a season of the year). As their friendship blossoms, Marilyn is insulted by a former classmate who recognizes her at Master's diner. He is saved by Detective Izumi, who asks him to prepare soba for herself, Detective Noguchi, and Officer Kogure, who will all be spending New Year's Eve at the neighborhood kōban. The three of them argue over their actions in the past, threatening to expose long-buried secrets to Murata and the other customers. in the TV series, to announce the upcoming movie or to announce the end of a season). Master refuses to cook any dishes that are beyond his skills or overly complicated. More than you would expect.[1]. The group toasts to the new year and continues to feast into the night. Hikaru, a hostess, orders the same dish as Yara based on what her horoscope told her earlier that day. Murata's wife Momoko enters the diner with her husband and is immediately recognized by both Master and Katagiri as a customer from the early days of the diner. With Kurt Kuniyoshi, Miki Ishikawa, Tripp Pickell, Mina Son. When his company's games fail to meet his standards, he goes to Master's diner and finds solace in a chicken rice dish he often ate as a child. They call it "Midnight Diner". Unbeknownst to Akai, the dish also holds the key to reconnecting with his birth mother. Master and Gen decide to intervene as Shosuke becomes increasingly abusive towards Saya. Shigemi is a naive, awkward, real estate agent who knits a sweater for every new crush she develops. He falls in love with a rising Internet star named Lisa, who hopes to become a successful actress. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Gen meets a woman he nicknames "Nori-chan" who turns out to be a figure from Master's past who wronged him. This affects everyone around Hashimoto, including his exhausted girlfriend Noriko. New Year's Eve arrives and Master diligently prepares his homemade soba noodles. Master talks to a mysterious patron at his diner, who tells stories involving gruesome murders and ghosts. Netflix Japan purchased streaming and production rights from the Japanese producer to produce the fourth and the fifth series, which are shown on Netflix internationally. Happily married couple Yoshio and Mizue Hiraga visit Master every Saturday morning after finishing their morning walk through Shinjuku to enjoy a hot bowl of clam soup. A young man named Tanaka is determined to get his start in the pornography business, and convinces famous porn star Erect Oki to help him get his shot in front of the camera. Several characters are regular customers of the diner and reappear regularly.[4]. Misao Kashima is a retired singer who gave up on her career after her husband's death. Shuichi recalls first eating this dish at Kabayama's home when they were kids, but as both former schoolmates come to learn, appearances can be deceiving. She works long hours at a pachinko parlor so she can financially support her boyfriend Shosuke, a struggling comedian. But the emotional toll of the work might be more than Tanaka can handle, as Mr. Oki's own dark past comes back to haunt him. The plot introduces the characters of the episode, often using well-known archetypes and tropes, before detailing their personal challenges. As part of the festivities, they unearth a time capsule that was buried 25 years ago by the students in the class. The two spend their evenings off work arguing in Master's diner about the correct way to be a police detective. More than you would expect.[1]. Machete Girl, the Hacker Chronicles Promo, Paper Dolls: Australian Pinups of World War 2, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. Master's conversations with other characters reveal a tragic past to the mother-and-son relationship, which comes to a head after a serious car accident. The two spend the following weeks together, shopping around town and enjoying late nights at the diner and Kosuzu's bar. Genki and Yuki are aspiring filmmakers who wish to turn their screenplay about a suicidal woman into a feature film. At the request of her friend, Chizuru goes to a party for rich CEOs in Roppongi where she meets Toru Kanzaki, a millionaire CEO who works in IT. After mourning for eight years, she finds the courage to return to the diner and eat a favourite dish of her late husband: minced meat cutlets. Mr. Chu pleads with Okae to realize this is not what is best for her, ultimately leading to a nasty confrontation between old friends about their decisions in life. Kanemoto excitedly brings in his girlfriend Chiaki to taste Master's meat and potato stew. Midnight Dineris a Japanese anthologyTV series directed by Joji Matsuoka, based on the mangaof the same name by Yarō Abe. Their mutual affection comes to a halt when Yoona's parents disapprove of her relationship and order her to move back to Seoul. The following is a list of episodes for the series Midnight Diner, which began airing in Japan on October 9, 2009. Midnight Diner takes place inside a small izakaya called "Meshiya" in Shinjuku, Tokyo. [11][12], "[Herald Review] Like Japanese food, 'Midnight Diner' is mild but heartwarming", "Netflix's 'Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories' is the Food-Centric Drama of the Year", "Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is the next great show from Netflix Japan", "9 J-Dramas for K-Drama Fans to Start Watching | Viu", https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6209462/episodes?season=1&ref_=tt_eps_sn_1, "Chinese version of 'Midnight Diner' fails to win over audiences", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Midnight_Diner_(Japanese_TV_series)&oldid=983485284, Japanese television dramas based on manga, Japanese-language Netflix original programming, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 14:10. Komichi falls in love Kasumi, an extremely confident and intrepid woman who only orders pickled ginger. Miki, Rumi, and Kana are three, single, middle-aged best friends who frequent the diner for hot bowls of ochazuke and juicy gossips. Ryu Kenzaki is a Yakuza boss who likes pan fried mini-wieners cut into the shape of an octopus. Now based in Sydney, he has been working extensively in film, TV, theatre and other multi-media in Australia and Japan since 1997.

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