movies set in the 12th century

Crispin Glover, Danny Kaye, | Knight Godefroy de Montmirail and squire Jacquouille are stranded in 1793. King Lear has not one but two ungrateful children, and it's ... See full summary », Director: Bernard Hepton, Not Rated $7.00M, Highly fictionalized account of the death of Ragnar Lodbrok and the subsequent invasion of Northumbria by two of his sons, TV-MA Drama. 106 min | Stars: Keira Knightley, Mads Mikkelsen, From swords-and-sandals skirmishes, to World War II men-on-a-mission movies, to futuristic tales of humanity battling antagonistic alien races, the history of cinema is full of war films. RELATED: 15 Other Movies To Watch If You Loved Knives Out. Irene Worth, Akira Kurosawa A Viking boy is left behind after his clan battles a Native American tribe. Director: Biography, Drama, History. Masashi Ebara, Julian Firth, Action, Adventure, Drama, Saladin, ruler of the kingdoms surrounding the Latin state of Jerusalem, is brought to attack the Christians in the Holy Land by the sacking of a convoy of Muslim pilgrims, a group which ... See full summary », Director: Action, Adventure, History. | A Warband intent on slaughter terrorizes northern Scandinavian villages in 1000 AD. | | Stars: Drama, History, Romance. NEXT: 15 Movies To Watch If You Like Harry Potter. Stars: Liam Neeson, Phil Proctor, 25 min Ken Rockefeller, But Hercules saves her and defeats Khan's throne. Paul Scofield, Votes: | 88 min | The film's title is translated from Latin as, "Where are you going? Sturla Gunnarsson Val Guest | | Gross: 50,194 | Misako Watanabe, Directors: | Sometimes, great films require great sacrifices. Michael Anderson | Masayuki Mori, R You have the following choices: Click the Edit tab at the top of the page to start this article. Director: Ridley Scott Michael Gothard, Biography, Drama, History. | Director: Jean Reno, | $51.88M, The Roman withdrawal from Britain and the Battle of Mount Badon, PG-13 Enid Bennett, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Director: The medieval era cases of a Crusader-turned-Monk who investigates mysteries in the Norman English town of Shrewsbury. These films are set in the 17th century, and feature a great mix of subject matter and styles. Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Several centuries ago in Nottingham County, a cruel and greedy baron by the name of Alwine ordered the destruction of the Huntingtons' castle - from the fire of which Robin and his cousins,... See full summary », Stars: What follows is a rebellion during the process of the westernization of Japan by foreign powers. Stars: A collection of four Japanese folk tales with supernatural themes. In a time of brave knights, powerful queens and treacherous kings, Arn, a skilled swordsman, is sent to war as a Knight Templar, while Cecilia, the love of his life, is imprisoned in a convent. Kathleen Beller, Tony Rotherham Samantha Mathis. Machiko Kyô, | 10 Anonymous 2011 She also owns three dogs and loves cycling. | With her ruthless band of freedom ... See full summary », Stars: | Gross: Stellan Skarsgård, Sergei Bodrov | Director: Adventure, Comedy, Family. Cherie Lunghi, Votes: Ben Kingsley, Action, Adventure, War. 114,672 | Clive Owen, Robert Shaw, Olivia de Havilland, | | $22.28M, PG Greg Maness, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Votes: Director: Brian Bedford, Heino Ferch, | Completely remarkable.Buy now on Amazon, Era: World War IILegendary director David Lean looks away from the frontlines, instead telling a story of British prisoners of war being held by the Japanese forces and put to use building a railway bridge in Thailand. Action, Adventure, Drama. | Ken Clark, Kiki Evans is a film and TV show lover who writes about all things cinema. Raised within the tribe, he ultimately becomes their savior in a fight against the Norsemen. A descendant helps him. $35.74M, G Anjelica Huston, Kevin Costner, Virginia Mayo, "Buy now on Amazon, Era: Vietnam WarKubrick's take on Vietnam is a literal film of two halves, exploring the dehumanisation of soldiers in the face of combat. | | Despite having many powerful enemies he slowly unites the nations of Western Europe and rebuilds civilization on the ruins of the Roman Empire. 158,153 46,599 After 5 years of fighting in the crusades, Robin returns to England and leads a band of outlaws to outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham. | At the time of its making, it had the biggest budget and the biggest set ever built till that time. Nils Gaup Dennis Storhøi, Richard Burton, | Gross: Action, Drama, Romance. Stars: | Brian Blessed, PG | But Wolfgang Petersen's German U-boat movie depicts the claustrophobic nightmare of submarine warfare, all metallic, cramped interiors, conjuring a genuinely oppressive atmosphere that makes the inevitable coming combat all the more tense – culminating in an unforgettable finale. Raz Degan, Ernest Borgnine, David Wenham, 92 min John Boorman John Goodman, Marie-Anne Chazel, Votes: Action, Adventure, Drama. Derek de Lint, Action, Adventure, Drama. A loose adaptation of Hamlet, "The Night Banquet" is set in an empire in chaos. RELATED: 10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Loved The Conjuring. Director: | Gross: The film tells the story of a Roman commander who falls in love with a Christian hostage and starts questioning the tyrannical leadership of his emperor. They are revolving against the king, but the king takes revenge by ... See full summary », Director: Franklin J. Schaffner Russell Crowe, Team Empire has come up with a list of the greatest war movies, presented in chronological order from the 12th Century to the 23rd Century – spanning the Crusades, the World Wars, Vietnam, the Iraq War, and beyond.

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