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And the language of love has no boundary. Na when I see your face wey dey shine like sun na him my body tell me sey na you I go die on top. 3. Make you take this we Naija love poems should love to your sweetheart.

I love you. If this babe know sey my heart dey pain me anytime wey journey carry her wakka, she for don pity me. Had it been you no how your love take dey scatter my head, omo you go shout Jesus, because the level wey the thing dey do me no get limit. ❤Even if say I talk from now till tomorrow, I no fit explain exactly how your love dey do me. ❤I don promise myself sey I no go break your heart, anything we go give you joy, na him I go dey do.

Make you no take love play. I just wan make sure sey, na only me get you. 44. 12. 34. ❤My love, know say you don lock up my heart come throw away the key.

I swear the wey the thing dey wory me no get part 2. Day and night, I no dey fit sleep at all. I come begin dey feel like sey my life no go remain better if you leave me. I no just understand how the thing dey do me; but one thing wey I know be sey, anytime wey I look your face, my body go just dey do me like chocolate. Something dey pinch me like sey make I run come hug you for where you dey.

57. I wan make you keep your head for my shoulder, I wan make you hold my hand so tey I go begin dey touch my chest for the current of love wey you dey pass for my body. 37. 10. 36. 33. We have a combination of sweet, cute and heartwarming love messages which you can send across to him/her. A lot of people have been searching out for best love messages to send to the love of their lives. Love wey no get level no be love, the kind love wey I get for you no get mate. 28. I beg my baby, make you no cause my death. Omoge, you be love mistress and I go love you like mad.[AdSense-A]. 5. Na you be the reason why I dey always happy every day. You don forget sey na you be my joli joil? Omo girl, nothing fit let maa leave you for this life. I love you my oyibo pepper. 17. The kind love wey I get for you no go ever finish for my mind. 38. You know no sey your eyes dey call my mind like sey ma hug you till dawn?

Claraito's Blog - Celebrity Bio, Lifestyles,Trendy News, Messages, Wishes/Quotes. 35.

I fit sacrifice my life for this oteku but she no even know.

31. ❤Anything wey I fit do to make you dey smile always for me, I go do am. 8. ❤Na you be my one in a million man, I pray make God keep us together to enjoy our old age. You fit no wan believe me o; that one no be my problem, wetin I know be sey, as far as I get you for my life, things go better. 1. ❤A lady wey dey like you dey hard to find, you dey gentle, beautiful, come dey intelligent on top of am. I been think sey love don finish, na when I come meet you na him I know sey love just start. Below are 60 collections of best pidgin love messages you can send to her. Put your mind for God and Hin go help you solve your palava. I love you pass mammy water because you fine pass her. But the more I dey try, na so I still dey see am. ❤Carry am for your mind say anytime wey you fall, I go carry you up, any time wey you dey happy, I go dey happy, anytime wey you no dey happy, I no go dey happy, I go always dey there for you because I love you. ❤As I wan get up for bed this morning, na you wey I carry for my mind, I no fit stop to dey think about you, me I wan tell you say I love you, and I no fit wait to see you again because na you be dey most important thing wey dey for my life now. I no just know why your matter no dey ever comot for my mind.

58. ❤Sometimes, I go dey just dey think about the first time wey I set my eyes on you, that day wey I set my eyes on you, na him my mind come immediately tell me say na you be the right person wey I  need, as you come talk to me, my mind come relax, since that time, na only your face wey I dey like to dey see, na you be dey only person wey I need, and na you be dey only person wey I go love forever. ❤My guy, you no know as you handsome reach, as e bey now, na you be dey most handsome guy wey I don see for this universe, na him dey make wan make you dey my side every time. Anytime I see your face, na one oyimbo woma wey fine like mommy water na hi I dey see. 46. I like you so tey, Romeo see me bow. ❤Since the day wey I meet you, na dey time wey I begin to dey laugh and smile more, I don stop to dey cry like I use to cry before, you enter my life, come make my life better. ❤They love wey we get for each other go last forever, anytime, any day, we go dey together, dey smile, laugh and enjoy forever. If I no think about you, hi go come dey do me like say kasala go burst. ❤See as you enter my life, come colonize everywhere, when I dey sleep for night, na you I dey think of, i dey feel happy every time wey I remember you, na only you I go love till I die. I wan spend the rest of my life with you so that dem go know sey, me na your love manga. Romantic Text Messages These short romantic love text messages for someone special are truly indeed for the special person in my life m... About,4,Anniversary,18,Appreciation,2,Belated,1,Birthday,21,Birthdays,11,Bookshop,2,Boss,3,Brother,4,Christian,3,Christmas,5,Condolence,6,Contact,4,Daughter,1,Disclaimer,4,Easter,1,Father,2,Fathers,2,Friends,8,Husband,2,Independence,2,Inspirational,9,Love,21,Lovely,37,Messages,11,Miscellaneous,6,Morning,3,Mother,5,Nature,3,Personality,3,Pidgin,2,Poems,79,Prayer,2,Privacy,5,Relationship,12,Religious,3,Sad,6,Sister,5,Sitemap,4,Son,1,Song,8,Stories,12,Valentine,5,Wedding,5,Wife,5,Women,5, Poetic Messages: Pidgin Love Poems For You To Share With The One You Love, Pidgin Love Poems For You To Share With The One You Love,,,, Not found any post match with your request, STEP 1: Share. I no go let any bagga come enter between us.

22. If you get the one wey dey give you joy. ❤My life no dey get meaning anytime wey you no dey, if you no dey around me for a minute, e go do me like say na ten years, abeg, your love don scatter my head finish, every time of my life, I go feel like to dey stay with you. ❤Na you be dey person wey dey give me dey motivation to get up from my bed anytime wey I wake up in the morning. My heart dey wind me like say I go die the first time wey you comot for my side.

❤Sometimes, I go sey I no go talk to you, but my mind no go free me. The depth of my love for you deep pass well; I no go lie you, na you dey make me I dey misbehave.

Even as you dey cry dey feel pain sey I fit no come back, I wan make you use the same mind dey believe sey, I no go ever live you no matter wetin happen.

Improve your love and romance with these love poems from the heart, sweet romantic poems and love poems in English. ❤You dey give me wing wey I dey use fly go anywhere wey I wan go. Babe ti ran yan, omo your face fine o. I think sey I don see Beyonce’, I no know say Shakira dey my front. ❤You be my Princess, the woman of my dream, in short na you be my African Queen. 51. Nobody fit make I deny you. Oteku, you no know how you don touch my heart with your ogbonge love. ❤When I dey smile pass, na when I dey read your text message for my phone. 53. You would love these ... Christian Encouragement Poems Our faith gives us much delight in the things of God. Romantic Pidgin Love Poems Love na better thing. I like you like fire like firewood. ❤When I dey sleep for night, e dey do me like say make day break, make I see your face because say I love you so much. ❤Abeg, promise me say you go love me forever, make you know sey if you live me, I no go dey well, me I dey sure sey na true love wey I get for you. ❤Know say you be my Queen, come rain, come shine.

If I go fi turn the whole world to gold for you, I go don do am sharp sharp, because I no dey carry last for love matter. I like you like say tomorrow no dey and the way wey your love take dey shark me be like say this world no go ever end again.

45. 9.

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