sausage party mentos

GeroniMentos Tube - Opened himself to deploy his individual Mentos inside.

Fit guy - beaten to death by mexican products, 117-120. Pislitz Chips - Popped by the cart, releasing chips everywhere as if they were bullets. Hamburger patty (x3) - Cooked on a grill to likely be inserted in the buns. Package of sausages - thrown away 10. Can of noodle soup - cracked open, releasing noodles 13.

Flour - Likely died when he fell off the cart, resulting in the fog effect. Bag of chips - torn open and eaten by Druggie, 67-70. Banana - face fell off 14. Grapes (x2) - Hit with a potato chip, one sliced in half, one hit in the face. Fat guy - blown up with mentos and soda, 115. Vodka Bottle - Neck broken and drunk by Douche and shattered to pieces afterwards. Bagel - In the cookbook, a bagel was shown dead, cut in half, and smothered in cream cheese (Food in the final film seems to be alive when it is eaten according to the cookbook).

Tequilla - Smashed to pieces and drunk by Douche after failing him. Ranch dressing bottle - shot by Darren, 124. Banana - Face peeled off from the trauma of the crash. Can of noodle soup - cracked open, releasing noodles, 14. (with one's eye popping). Chicken Noodle Soup - Cracked open, releasing "intestines". El Guaco - Douche stuck his hand into him and tore him apart. Irish Potato - Skinned with a potato peeler and boiled in water by Camile Toh.

Juice Box - Drunk dry by Douche, who tore him in half. Jelly jar - shattered after falling out of the cart, 16. Honey mustard - fell out of the cart and shattered, 11. Honey Mustard - Shattered when he fell off the cart.

Bacon (x4) - Tossed onto a frying pan and fried alive by Camile Toh. Tomato - chopped in half by Camille Toh, 39-42. Female Shopper who splattered the pizza against the wall - Shoved in a freezer. Brown sugar - Opened by a human and scooped out progressively. Body Count Victim Killer Cause of Death 1 Bavarian Sausage Darren Thrown into trash can 2 … Cookie - Back fell off from the trauma of the crash. Lettuce - Eyes gouged out and then head torn in two, by Camile Toh. Chocolate milk carton - penetrated with chips, the milk pouring out, 21. Chocolate Milk Carton - Sliced open with the potato chips, the milk bleeding out. Peanut Butter - Thrown into a trash can off-screen. Ticklish Licorice - Torn open by a customer, with pieces of licorice still alive (with animal-level intellect). Bag of flour - exploded after falling out of the cart 12. Bavarian Sausage - Thrown into a trash can by Darren.

Alcohol bottle - neck broken and drank by Douche, 82-93.

Mentos package - tore himself open to deploy his mentos, 114.

Sausages (including Bill) - Thrown into a trash can by Darren. Bacon strips - put on a frying pan by Camille Toh, with one’s eye exploding, 43. Toilet Paper - Shot and unraveled by Darren.

Potatoes - Served to a human, one has been cut into half. Carl - Stabbed in the midsection, and then sliced in half by Camile Toh. Soda bottle - killed in the soda explosion, 116. Tequila bottle - smashed to pieces and drank by Douche, 36. Numerous Alcoholic Drinks (Including a Tomato Soup can) - Drunk by Douche. Pizza - Splattered against the wall by a Female Shopper. Buns, Ketchup, and Mustard - Likely to have the patties placed inside them and eaten. Sausage Party: All Deaths.


Flour - Likely died when he fell off the cart, resulting in the fog effect. Two more are shown cringing in fear, indicating two more deaths will happen soon.

Alcoholic drinks - drank by Douche, 94-95.

Darren - shot into the sky with fireworks and exploded. In addition, there was also a ring of lemon, meaning a third lemon likely died to make it. 2 lemons - sliced in half and turned into lemonade, 81.

Pizza's Family - Druggie ate them off-screen.

Foods Camille Toh bought - Half possibly killed and half possibly locked in the freezer. Krinkler's Chips - Torn open and eaten by the Druggie. Ticklish Licorice bag - torn open by a man, 101-102. Customer who torn open Ticklish Licorice - Shoved in a freezer. Sausage Party is a 2016 adult comedy film directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, starring Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Individual Mentos (x8) - Dissolved with the soda to blow up the fat man.

2 marshmallows - shredded with chips, 19. Pizza slice - punched into a door by the female clerk, 98.

Marshmallows (x2) - Shredded with the potato chips.

Italian Tomato - Sliced in half by Camile Toh with a knife. Grape - Stomped by Darren under Douche's control. Pan-T Cream Soda can - Died of "blood" loss. His body twitched a little afterwards. Madre Taco - Back snapped by El Guaco, and smashed onto the ground. List of Deaths Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Diet Cola Bottle - Emptied his soda into the fat man's mouth to blow him up. Cranberry sauce can - shot by Darren, 122. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chedd White and Blue - shredded by Camille Toh, 62. Marshmallow - Seen running around without an arm (Debatable). Sandwich - leg bitten off by the female clerk, 99. Oreo cookies - stomped on by a human, 104. Edit. List of Deaths Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Sausage and bun - eaten by a human, 96. Tomato Soup - Shot by Darren under Douche's control. Deaths from Leaked Script Not in Final Film. Toilet paper roll - Laying on the druggie's roll dispenser. Honey mustard - fell out of the cart and shattered 11. Rabbi - Poisoned by Lavash shoving himself down his throat, Woman - Thrown into a rotisseire chicken cooker and impaled on a pole. Wine bottle - cap pulled out by Camille Toh, 63-64. Marshmallow seen with Banana - Died of trauma. Cheeseburger - eaten by a human, the bun, lettuce, and cheese being three more deaths, 71-73.

Baby carrots - eaten by Camille Toh, 66. Jelly Jar - Shattered on the floor when she was knocked out of a cart. Hotdog and Bun - Eaten messily by a human. Cheeseburger - Eaten by a human, compromised of one patty (with the eye hanging out from its socket) and one bun. Ranch Dressing - Shot by Darren under Douche's control. The lettuce leaf, tomato slice, and slice of cheese imply three more deaths. Lemon (x2) - Were seen being sliced in half and then squeezed into lemonade by a human. Juice box - drank dry and torn apart by Douche, 23. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Troy - Either killed or locked in the freezer.

STAY FRESH mit der Mentos Rolle. Female clerk and 3 humans - shoved into the freezer, 121. Bag of flour - exploded after falling out of the cart, 12. Frisch oder fruchtig, du hast es in der Hand! Tortilla Chips - Microwaved by Camille Toh. Potato - peeled and boiled by Camille Toh, 37. 3 burger patties - cooked on a grill, 78-79. Large bag of chips - popped by a cart wheel, shooting out chips, 17-18.

Female Shopper who choked Frank - Shoved in a freezer. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Druggie - decapitated with a falling axe, 97. It implies another death by slices of carrot or some other root vegetable. Chedd White and Blue - Grated by Camille Toh. Lettuce - torn in half by Camille Toh, 45. Bavarian sausage - thrown away 2-9. 10. Grape - hit in the face with a potato chip, 22.

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