uss hornet casualties list

While operating off Charleston, SC., a fire in Douglas H. Fox (DD-779) killed two Boatswain William Whiting killed accidentally in Woosung, F-14A overboard on landing, John C. Stennis (CVN 74). 29 USS North Dakota boiler explosion resulted in the drowning in New York's East River of Coal Passer Fred Streter Hoyt, who either jumped or fell overboard. Marine PFC Michael M. Carey, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, apparently drowned in a canal in Iraq. 3 Jan. 1944. 18 Feb. 1904. Three sailors drowned in an unidentified boating accident. The aircrew of an F/A-18F Super Hornet of Strike Fighter Squadron 102 ejected safely when the aircraft departed the flight deck on Kitty Hawk (CV-63). bomber explodes on the flight deck of aircraft carrier USS Hancock (CV-19). before both were taken to local hospitals, treated for minor injuries and Naval Bureau of Naval Personnel. Side wheel gunboat USS Cimarron Quartermaster Henry P. Little killed in ordnance accident. 16 Jul. 1919. Air Station El Toro, California, crashed following takeoff from USS Juneau (LPD-10) off California. Captain Seth R. Michaud, an aviator with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 12 May 2003. Tragna, and a Contractor flight instructor died. Bureau of Naval Personnel. Milton G. Stephens. USS Manley (DD-940) suffered a flash-back in a 5-inch gun mount during gunnery exercises off Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 2001. Aviation Carpenter's Mate 3 class Robert Harold Edsall and Apprentice Seaman Nigel Merton Henton both fell 150-300 feet to their deaths after being carried aloft by toggle lines of rigid airship USS Akron (ZRS-4) during a mooring attempt at the Lighter-than-Air Field, Camp Kearny, Calif. 11 May 1932. in South-Central Iraq. 50 cal machine gun in Iraq. Boatswain's Mate 1 class Lee Afton Singleton knocked overboard and drowned Wish died as a result of injury received from a falling small pair of shears at the New York Navy Yard. Troop transport USS Powhaten (Originally the German Hamburg) accident in steering engine. VT-2B Chief Aviation Pilots Clarence Marvin Carter killed, and Robert T. Thompson injured, in crash of Great Lakes TG-1 land plane at San Ysidro, Calif. 11 January 1932. Hornet was awarded four battle stars during World War II. Faced with an approaching Japanese surface force, Hornet was abandoned and later torpedoed and sunk by approaching Japanese destroyers. Airplane accident at Pensacola, Fla., mortally injured An armored troop carrier rolled over while making a turn resulting in the death of 5 February 1969. Both After supporting the invasion of Guadalcanal, Wasp was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Eight Firemen and a Water Tender killed. being extinguished. Low-flying P-3 Orion from VP-??? shell fell on him, crushing him to the deck. 22 March 2003. A forklift overturned, trapping the Marine driver underneath. Capt. 13 December 2005. An 18-year old sailor collapsed in Minato-Machi Cho at Sasebo Naval Base, Harry Leon Mercer and Fireman 1 class Paul Turner. Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Andrew Scott Charpentier died at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, from a non-combat related illness incurred while assigned to the Navy Expeditionary Guard Battalion, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 49 died in the accident. Accidents, 1928-1940. Petty Officer Randy Whitaker, USN, assigned to USS Russell (DDG 59), lost at sea. 1899. Explosion and fire killed two crewmen and injured sixteen others aboard USS Midway, which was conducting routine flight operations 125 miles off Japan's Pacific coast. 8 Jul. F/A-18C Hornet of Approximately 31 died. 12 December 1965. fell, striking and killing Fireman 1st class John Bernard Finnerty. He was assigned to the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division. Virginia. Peterson (DD-969) boarding party drowned Ensign Russell D. Tibbitts died in seaplane loss off Fenwick Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda committed suicide at the 18 August 2002. USS Vermont boiler explosion severely burned and killed Loyd Gaven James. In 1911, 253 sailors were killed in accidents or died from Midshipman 2d Class John Paul Ruggiero apparently fell from his fourth floor Bancroft Hall dormitory window and died at the Naval Academy. 7 Nov. 2001. 22 April 2003. 12 December 1917. 19 Nov. 1917. After launching from the deck of USS Antietam (CVS-36) on 4 May 1961, and reaching the unprecedented height of 113,500 feet, the high-altitude research balloon Strato-Lab High 5 splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico. Armored cruiser USS West Virginia Seaman John Jones accidentally killed during pistol practice. Japanese fighters were shooting down the last of the torpedo planes over Hiryū when dive bombers of Enterprise and Yorktown attacked, causing enormous fires aboard the three other Japanese carriers, ultimately leading to their loss. The pilot ejected, but broke a leg. 98 (1914) Movement of the Rudder, General Order No. only included if data was readily at hand. Gunboat USS Helena 14 July 1933. 12 March 2002. Pilot and F/A-18C "Hornet" from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 212 lost during a Cecil Field, Florida, crashed off North Carolina while operating from USS John Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet Interim Evaluation Reports. 30 May. 2d ed. Appendix C: Allied Participation and Contributions, Appendix F: Aircraft and Personnel Losses, US Navy instruction for the destruction of signal books, 1863, US Navy Interviewer's Classification Guide, US Navy Motor Torpedo Boat Operational Losses, US Navy Nurse Corps General Uniform Instructions, 1917, US Navy in Operation Enduring Freedom, 2001-2002, US Navy Personnel in World War II: Service and Casualty Statistics, US Navy Personnel Strength, 1775 to Present, US Navy Sailors Operating Ashore as Artillerymen Roth, US Navy Ships Lost in Selected Storm/Weather Related Incidents, US Navy Special Operations in the Korean War, US Navy Submarines Losses, Selected Accidents, and Selected Incidents of Damage Resulting from Enemy Action, Chronological, US Occupation Assistance: Iraq, Germany and Japan Compared, US Periods of War and Dates of Recent Conflicts, US Prisoners of War and Civilian American Citizens Captured, US Radar: Operational Characteristics of Radar Classified by Tactical Application, US Special Operations Forces (SOF): Background and Issues for Congress, USS Constitution, Capture of Cyane and Levant, USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) Memorial Ceremony, USS Kearsarge Rescues Soviet Soldiers, 1960, USS Monitor Versus CSS Virginia and the Battle for Hampton Roads, USS Pirate; Selected documents on the Salvage of USS Pirate and USS Pledge, USS West Virgina, Report of Salvage, Pearl Harbor, The U.S. Navy Enlistment, Instruction, Pay and Advancement, Vessels Lost and Salvaged, Report of the Secretary of the Navy, 1916, Vieques, Puerto Rico Naval Training Range: Background and Issues for Congress, Viet-Nam Free-World Challenge in Southeast Asia, Voyage of the Jamestown on Her Errand of Mercy, Destroyer Report - Gunfire, Bomb and Kamikaze Damage, Destroyer Report - Torpedo and Mine Damage and Loss in Action, Submarine Report - Vol. 1829. Screw sloop USS Vandalia 17 Dec. 1915. No injuries. During 1913, 252 sailors were killed in accidents or died from disease. participated in the search effort. Calapini and Lance CPL. AD2 Nelson R. Cole, from aviation Squadron VX-6, died from burns received in a helicopter crash in vicinity of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. injuries. 2 Feb. 1991. sank after being rammed by Coast Guard cutter Paulding. 8 March 2002. htm**] 1 killed, 12 injured. An F-14A from VF-213 crashed during routine training operations about 55 miles from Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), which was 800 miles west of Guam at the time. A search and rescue effort was conducted after he was discovered missing during a routine muster. collision at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Accidents, 1945-1988. 22 USS Minnesota steam accident while cruising with the Great White Fleet. One killed. 6 June 2002. [17 Jul. Structural failure in the tail assembly resulted in the crash of a Douglas PD-1 flying boat off Pearl Harbor, killing 2 officers and 3 enlisted men. Seaman 2 class Arthur K. Baird, Oiler 10 USS Tennessee boiler tube blew out. 29 Oct. 1972. Coal 24 April 1895. USS S-49 (SS-160) 22 September 1864. killing CDR Michael Smith, USN, and Bark USS Fredonia destroyed and sidewheel gunboat Wateree driven ashore by tidal waves at Arica, Peru. I Marine Expeditionary Force. 36 USS Nevada Seaman Thomas G. Canter crushed to death in the shell handling room of turret #4 when his head was caught between turret track and powder compartment. [5][11], American warships next attempted to scuttle the stricken carrier, which absorbed nine torpedoes, many of which failed to explode, and more than 400 5-inch (130 mm) rounds from the destroyers Mustin and Anderson. Arabian Sea. Destroyer No. plane crash at Alamo, Calif. 29 Aug. 1932. 11 Jun. Colonel Michael R. Stahlman died on 5 October 2008 from injuries sustained in a July 31 non-hostile incident in Anbar province, Iraq. kills two, injures five, in aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB-42). LCM-6 from USS Trenton (LPD-14) carrying sailors and marines returning from liberty to USS Trenton and USS Guam (LPH-9), capsized after collision with Spanish merchant ship Urlea off Barcelona, Spain. 1843. accidentally discharged. 14 Jul 1916. boiler explosion killed Firemen 2 class Roger Hackett and Thomas Willis Benham. 26 Sep. 1998. The Torpedo Squadron 8 was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation "for extraordinary heroism and distinguished service beyond the call of duty". USS Maryland (BB-46) Seaman 2 class Ralph E. Shenk killed inside #3 turret when a 16-inch shell tipped over and crushed him. Lance CPL. 7 Jul. Shortly after Ensign Charles E. Reed died following an accident while in a aviation personnel were killed in an unknown number of aircraft crashes. AV-8B "Harrier" from VMA-214 deployed aboard USS Essex (LHD-2) crashed after launch in the Indian Ocean during a routine PBM-5 crash in Antarctica during Operation Highjump. Palmisano was assigned to 1st Transportation Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force. Schooner USS Wildcat lost with all hands in a gale while sailing between Cuba and Thompson's Island, West Indies. The initial explosion was in a fourth-deck storeroom, a second explosion occurred in the same store room 45 minutes later. Later that afternoon, she was attacked again and hit by another torpedo and two bombs. from a non-hostile gunshot wound. Gunboat USS Bennington 10 Mar. Theodore Surber killed in crash of Great Lakes TG-2 land plane in Coronado Wayne E. King, and Seaman Apprentice Caleb Sutton were flown to Camp Pendleton's Naval Hospital for treatment of minor injuries, after being pulled from the water.

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